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The Welcome Basket

New residents of High Rannoc can expect within the first few days of their arrival to receive a traditional welcome basket from the community. This usually contains a selection of local produce, a customary Rannoc Candle, and a personal message of welcome from the village Elder.

To Miss Pinwick,
  We all here at High Rannoc give you a warm welcome! Having a witch amongst us once again surely makes this new spring all the brighter. Here are a few local goods donated by the kind folks of the village to help sweeten your first days with us, along with one of our very own Rannoc candles. We hope you settle in well, and please know that help is never far away!
  May the light of the Rannoc candle bring you comfort and protection when darkness threatens.
  Signed, Elder Kirdoth.
The first welcome baskets given in High Rannoc were much simpler than they are today. It began in an unofficial capacity, with it merely being a natural extension of the community spirit that the small village had. Neighbours would help one another out, sharing the food of their tables and the warmth of their hearths. This friendly and warm atmosphere was easily and quickly extended to those who chose to settle amongst them, helping them to establish themselves as a part of the community.
  What had begun as a simple habit slowly developed over the years into a tradition, with the food and warmth still being shared, but in the form of a gift first. Invitations to homes would not be long in following, yet the folks of High Rannoc are also aware that others might have their own preferences for settling into new places, and ones which don't include being swamped by the welcoming locals.

Rannoc Candles

  These candles are always given as part of a welcome gift to new High Rannoc inhabitants as a goodwill offering, and a symbol of bringing light and warmth into a new house. Rannoc Candles have a strong rosemary scent, the herb being a well-known deterrant to mischievous spirits, particularly those without good intentions. To gift such a candle to a witch might seem rather unnecessary, but there is little in the world that can stand in the way of a High Rannocian following tradition.
  It is less necessary these days to burn a Rannoc Candle for warding, and with the arrival of electricity, fewer candles are required except in the case of emergencies or for leisure. As it is, most households will only burn such a candle if a powercut should fall upon them, and even then a Rannoc Candle would be burnt only if no other were available.

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