Mortal Age

New History
  With their loss at the hand of their creators, the humans were stripped of their immortality. They experienced despair unlike any other. Their kingdom changed into a grim world where death lurks around every corner and hope is an obsolete concept. Humanity would have to learn how to deal with this new reality.

  • 0 MA

    Day of the First Snow
    Era beginning/end

    Everyone remembers the day snow first came into the human kingdom, bringing mortal doom for all. It was on this day that Ironia the Zombie was born. Whether she was a saint ascended to godhood or an accomplice of the evil gods is up for interpretation.

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    Death of Centi Nella
    Life, Death

    Death of the most beloved servant of Essa, the goddess of forsaken love.

  • 11 MA

    Birth of the Children

    Founding of the Children of Avava, the extremist cult that terrified the kingdom for over 200 years.

  • 16 MA

    327 MA

    Loffia Prohibition Era
    Political event

    Prohibition of the psychedelic drug plant loffia in the Albian Kingdom.

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  • 93 MA

    Church of the Black Zombie

    Founding of the Black Church, worshiping Ironia the Zombie as the new goddess of death and rebirth.

  • 113 MA

    Founding of the Mel Ohw Hospitals

    Creation of the illustrator's health centers following the death of the last Fallen and the change in the social climate of the kingdom.

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  • 267 MA

    Death of the Children
    Disaster / Destruction

    Mass suicide of the Children of Avava extremist cult by the order of its leader at the time.

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  • 300s MA (specific year unknown)
    Curse of Stone Knight Lake
    Disaster / Destruction

    Mysterious corruption of the Clear Waters in the north of Album and it's slow transformation into the dreadful Stone Knight Lake.

  • 318 MA

    325 MA

    Album's Civil War
    Military action

    Album's first civil war, between the throne and the Noffet marshes. Fought over the legalization of loffia. Resulted in the Dae Treaty which allowed highly regulated use of the plant's products.

  • 333 MA

    Great Exile of the Witches
    Population Migration / Travel

    A massive tragic event that displaced a large portion of the lamia population, pushing them out of the depths of Gallana Amon and into the borders of the human kingdom of Album.

  • 347 MA

    Corruption of the Coast
    Disaster / Destruction

    Following the Great Exile of the Witches, Album's southern coastline was corrupted by the grief and death of the lamia who marched its beaches. It eventually became a perilous derelict place cursed with death. It was known henceforth as the Ghastly Coast.

    Ghastly Coast
  • 421 MA

    Introduction of the Blind Pilot Program
    Scientific achievement

    Creation of the tremendously powerful magical combat-suits used by an elite group of the king's soldiers during the Second Civil War.

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    Blind Pilot
  • 426 MA

    437 MA

    Album's Second Civil War
    Military action

    Album's second - and by far largest scale - civil war between four main factions vying for supermacy in the kingdom. Resulted in the semi-official division of the kingdom into nine city-states.

  • 435 MA

    Initial Reports of Nu Ze
    Metaphysical / Paranormal event

    Towards the end of the Second Civil War is when eye witnesses first reported seeing Nu Ze, also know as the 'Jester that Hides'. Soon after seeing the jester shoes hiding under their furniture, those people met their demise.

  • 442 MA

    The Witches Act
    Political event

    Anti-lamia sanctions put in place in the city-state of Mavar, worsening the lamias' social status in the human kingdom by vilifying the race. Brought on by the infamous Zalem, these laws were rebuked only a few years later, though their influence was irreversible.

  • 450 MA

    Movement For The Restoration Of Heofones Gates

    Birth of the xenophobic cult, founded by Zalem the Drunken Blight. Rooted in the hate of the lamia race and the fantaical belief of their domga, Heofonists continued to expand the movement long after Zalem's death.

  • 450s MA (specific year unknown)

    First official documentation of the lamia unlawful organization. While its founding date is unclear, it was during the 450s that it began to operate within the human kingdom noticeably. Their violent actions have been deemed as the lamias' retribution on the humans for the race's mistreatment over the year.

  • 452 MA

    Nights Of The Drunken Blight
    Disaster / Destruction

    For three nights during the spring of 452, lamia houses and Waken Forests all across the Album were broken into, destroyed, and burned by Heofonists.

  • 523 MA

    Discovery of the Epic of Sika Triss
    Discovery, Exploration

    Unearthing of the ancient stone tablets depicting the epic of Sika Triss, the human who confronted the god Daemyon and brought Nostalgia magic to Album.

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  • 537 MA

    Creation of the Cat's Flask
    Metaphysical / Paranormal event

    Disappearance of Dr. Grimalkin and the evolution of the god artifact En-Ai into the infamous flask that can annihilate whole communities.

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  • 717 MA

    Emergence of Modern Xivi

    Revival of the ancient dead language of the lamia and its integration into daily use.

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    Xivi - Modern