Blind Pilot

The rebellion was swarming the capital when they appeared, hovering over the battle as if the gods' very will. A dozen blind pilots descended upon their enemies, their golden skin and emerald dress brilliant under the sun.
— excerpt from Tales of the Second Civil War
  Sarvanza (albic: 'Mighty Servant'), also known as Blind Pilot, is a full-body combat suit made of extremely rare materials, the rarest of which belonging to the Uie of the Aeim Valley. The suit was developed in the late 300s by a group of selected talents from Eilith's College in preparations for the Second Civil War.   Its pilots were known to be unstoppable, marvelous fighters who achieved glorious victories wherever they were sent to fight. They were graceful and benevolent among all others on the battlefield and would often be mistaken for divinity.  



They are not soldiers - they are freedom fighters
— Fiel Tend, Head of the Sarvanza Program
  Less than a hundred years after the Album's First Civil War, tensions began rising again within the human kingdom. The crown itself felt threatened for the first time in recorded history. Thus, the Albis royal family dedicated a substantial amount of its treasury to funding 'special' projects to assure supremacy over the kindling rebellions. One such secret project would later be revealed as Sarvanza - the Mighty Servant Program.   The most remarkable scientists, collectors, monster-hunters, and other people of note were gathered to the College of Eilith and tasked with creating a suit that could rival Immortals. They each used their field of expertise and pulled their resources together in an effort to complete the arduous task.   Five years before the war finally broke out - and after many failed attempts - A man by the name of Fiel Tend came forth with a set of otherworldy golden suits. These were once the skins of the Uie - a terrible, unnatural race - and held the solution to seeing the crown's vision done. Although rather small for humans, the skins were the first layer of the strongest soldiers Album had ever seen.
Blind Pilot
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Components - TOP SECRET

Blind Pilot comp.png

First Layer -Uie Skin
  The most integral component is, without a doubt, the skin of the Uie. The empty husks of these once sentient creatures possess the qualities required to make the suit operational. Fiel Tend had stated that something was still 'alive' within them, and it was 'seeking' hosts.   During the Sarvanza program, when brought into contact with various materials, the skins would absorb certain qualities and morph into a different upgraded version. It was crucial that a balance between the added materials be maintained for the pilots to operate the suit safely.    
Helmet - Caveman Brain
  The small tentacled creature is known for living in derelict underground caves and preying on anything that crosses its path. With humans, it favors the brain and usually aims for the head of its victim. It covers the head like a hat and pierces the skull's weakest point, sucking brain matter.   It was claimed by a group of five elite monster hunters and introduced to the program. The Caveman proved to be an invaluable part of the Sarvanza equation, as it helped drain the toxins that the Uie skin infected its wearer with. It also grants night vision through a neural connection between its eyes and the user's brain.
Flight Dress - Loffia Glass Fibers
  By using Electric Moon and Gallawood Kush - unique strains of the infamous loffia drug plant - the program's scientists and tailors were able to create a fabric that covered the center mass area of the suit. The fibers' durability compensated over the Uie's weak point, and its strains' effects gave its wearers low altitude flight ability.   After undergoing several loffia injections, a pilot could amplify its effect through the flight dress and achieve aviation. Movements under a heavy dose of the drug are difficult to control, so a pilot was given the medication daily to develop tolerance.
Nutrients Intake - Rephaite's Teeth
  During the Endless Immortal War, Essa joined hands with Mavet and created the aberrations known as the Rephaite. These colossal beings Terrorized the opposing humans and have fueled countless myths surrounding their powers. One such tale about their 'feeding teeth' has intrigued the Sarvanza Program enough   A collector under the alias of 'Spirit' donated to the program twelve sets of enormous teeth, recovered from Essa's terrible giants. When mounted over the suit's chest, they function as a proxy mouth for the pilot and prevent their starvation after being sealed in the Uie skin.
Knee Guard - Strange Metals
  When a group of archeologists excavated the lost city of Miphi, they uncovered four types of metals the kingdom had never seen before. When a member of the team touched one of those geodes, the metal within liquified and encased the man, erupting in a gush of fire and blood. It was later discovered they were highly volatile materials that reacted to organisms rather than temperature.   The Sarvanza Program was adamant about the acquisition and utilization of the metals with the suit. Through careful experimentation, they equipped the Uie skin with knee guards that consisted of three strange metals; mahenge, ziftre, and kolumbin. A pilot could liquidize the metals at will for offensive and defensive means.
Face Cover - Victim Seal
  In the reducted verses of Ironia's Black Teachings, three Names of Invocation initiate a dark binding ritual. The third one, 'Victim's Seal', is considered one of the worst Sigami bindings. By placing the seal on a target, the binding compels them to the will of New Masters.   The Sarvanza Program recovered the forbidden script and managed to infuse the Name of Invocation with the Uie skin through some experiments. This, combined with the Caveman Brain, assured a mentally stable host that follows orders without qualms.
Shadow Scarf - Zolbi Ectoplasm
  Born as a result of a botched lamia birth, zolbis are nightmare monsters that scream their agony throughout the dream realm. A famous monster hunter by the name of Zaiad was the only one to capture such wraith and draw its otherworldly essence. A Zolbi's ectoplasm acts as a powerful emitter of heat and radiation.   When introduced to the program, it was revealed that Uie skin which naturally tries to crush and implode its host, remains relatively docile under the ectoplasm's radiation. Still, the suit requires a small body frame to prevent severe injury.
Finger Blades - Vyurpel claws
  The deadly weapon of the most wretched fiends of the Auburn Forest. A Vyurpel preys on maidens, ambushing the wandering girls and ripping them apart with its claws. Few have seen one and lived to tell the tale, so most folk choose to avoid the forest, especially during a severed moon.   Monster hunters hailing from the north brought the dismemebered claws of the creatures down to the captial. There the scientist and grafters worked on merging the blades with the fingers of the Uie skin. Together, a pilot is able to cut through flesh, bone and stone with ease.
Floating Bracelets - Witch Rings
  Arguably the most valuable part of the suit besides the skin, the Tava'as are rings of tremendous power once owned by the Damurim. They are said to be the tools these ancient lamias used to open the Heofones gate to the mortal realm during the Great Exile of the Witches.   Witch rings are large enough to fit as bracelets for humans. The rings hover around the arm of a pilot, granting them manipulation over the space around them. They can create fields that imprison their enemies and even change their position within the area. They also enable pilots to enter Tenuma and disrupt the magic of enemy lamias.  



Second Civil War

The people of this country have been crying for war, and these cries have been answered.
— King Albis XII

  As three armies rose against the crown, the whole kingdom entered a decade-long period of turmoil. These treacherous factions wished to undermine the righteous king's will for their selfish ends. With bravery and mercy, the king's army fought back and achieved the glorious victory of the war eleven years later.   Even so, some of the traitors managed to break into the capital and threaten the same crown that has fed and protected them their entire lives. The infamous Battle of Bloody Tears thus ensued, claiming an unprecedented number of civilian casualties. In response, Fiel Tend's special unit was finally deployed to repel the enemy. That day, the great city of Eilith witnessed in awe the majesty of the king's mighty servants.

    The book Tales of the Second Civil War delivers accurate documentation of the Sarvanza unit's might and unbending morals in the midst of combat. The pilots cleansed the city of the enemy while keeping the citizens of the kingdom away from harm. By the end of the gruesome battle, the crown was able to subdue the coup, and the pilots were given honorary ranks for their contribution.  




The only future left for them is death.
— Fiel Tend
  In the years following the end of the war, the Sarvanza pilots were sent on secret missions across the kingdom. They became the silent protectors of the realm, fending off evil wherever it spawned. Eventually, the Sarvanza program was discontinued due to a lack of need for such might during peaceful times. All twelve pilots thus retired with a handsome reward from the king.   Although their identities and whereabouts remained unknown, their deeds have been forever engraved in the memory of Album.  


Cover image: by rikia


Author's Notes

All the art was made by rikia (myself)

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25 May, 2021 17:52

How scary. I very much do not like the idea of a suit that rejects physical growth; clothes that are too tight are quite uncomfortable to me.

28 May, 2021 04:24

Thank you for reading :)   Glad to hear you connected with this sensation, uncomfortable as it may be.

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That's so creepy, I love it.
All the things you imply but don't say, add so much to this article!

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Thank you!   There is a lot hidden between the lines. Glad to know it comes through.

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This an awesome article rikia, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it...unlike the mind-controlled child soldiers that have to wear those charming suits of eldritch nastiness :D   I particularly liked how all the components of the suit have a connection to various different parts of your worlds such as the lamias, the gods, and the Black Zombie.   Also, those quotes are fantastic, especially during the "Termination" portion, where they create such a strong contrast to the official version of the civil war :D

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Thank you so much for your kind words!   Cool that you noticed all the connections! It's very important for me to use that worldbuilding glue with other articles.   The quotes are... something for sure.   Glad you liked it!

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Great article! I just love all of the different materials used for the suit and where each one originates from. Also nice how you worked your plant challenge into this article as well ^^ It seems like a truly scary thing to see! I can't stop looking at the top image !   And I wish i could give an extra like for the two steps from hell music xp was going to see them live last year but due to corona it will be 2022 :p

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Woaaaaaah, this is really cool (and REALLY terrifying). The Caveman Brain + Victim Seal combo to ensure a host that follows orders effectively makes my skin crawl in the best ways. Great article and great layout! I love the creepy murder-message notes throughout it, though I think it might work a bit better as containers with text and backgrounds rather than images, if possible!

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Great writing, and I really like the variety of the art. From the scraps of paper to the pulsing light in the profile image to the map of the different parts. Just great work!

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Thank you for reading! I'm happy you appreciate the work I've done. Especially the pulsing light (I felt clever making it)

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Amazing article! All of it just sounds so horrible XD And as always, your outlay and illustrations are fantastic :D   I was going to say, the king needs to keep some of those suits for himself or the royal family or he wouldn't be able to keep his powers if any of the person wearing a suit decided to attack him, but then you said how painful it was to wear :p I can understand the royal family being squeamish! Though that doesn't take away the danger of course…   Small notes, the dimension section in the sidebar hint that the individuals will get crushed when they grow to be too big for the suit, but I didn't take from that section that they were sealed inside. Then the face covering is called "victim's seal", so that was another hint :p, but it's only in the teeth section that it's stated clearly. On one side, I think that it should be made clear earlier, on the other hand, seeing a few hints sprinkled in before it is made clear is also great to make it more ominous.   You don't have a link to your loffia article.   Oh, I see how the victim's seal answers my previous question about possible rebellions :D   I love how you've described all of those ingredients, each one special and horrible in a different way XD   I'm wondering how many of those suits they can make given the scarcity of some of the ingredients… Can they reuse the suits once the pilot is dead? That would explain the number of pilots staying at 12. Unless they really did not remain active for very long after the war?   I love all of those quotes, they are absolutely horrible XD And the last one, really makes clear all the pilots are children…

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Thank you for reading!!  

I think that it should be made clear earlier
I get what you're saying, but I'm willing to sacrifice clarity for building the theme. The fact you were able to put the pieces together yourself means it worked.  
You don't have a link to your loffia article.
Wow, thank you for spotting that awful mistake! It's fixed now :)  
Oh, I see how the victim's seal answers my previous question about possible rebellions :D
I like how you figured it out while writing the comment XD  
Can they reuse the suits once the pilot is dead?
Well.................... *non-suspicious shrug*

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Time for ye old article feedback!! Sorry for taking some time :')


Nice opening quote, the intro text is clear and too the point, and goes over most of the terms you'll be using through the rest of the work, lovely stuff. You also set the tone really well with the contrast between the main text and the picture quotes (btw, I'd recommend adding a tooltip transcript again if you can ^^)


Nicely written! I'm curious as to how they managed to keep the project a secret when it involved so many eminent figures. You also have some nice ties with the rest of your world and history- Immortals, the first war, etc. The sidebar is nice a clean too, and I love the use of these quotes to give the informations. Really eery font too ^^


First of all, the picture looks great! I love the kind of "chalk on a blackboard" feeling its got to it. Second of all, jesus every components name has me going D: ! The formatting of the following part is also really nice, with each section giving just the information we need to pain a really gruesome picture by the time we're done reading through. It also ties really nicely with the rest of your world, which is just A+. That last quote... ooof. just. ew ew ew

Second Civil War

That Albis dude.. fuck him, and also fuck Tend. Hmm feelings aside, the contrast between the main body of text and the quotes is just great. I'm quite curious as to what the quotes are- thoughts? Does that mean that the children in the suits are aware of everything they are being forced to do and unable to do anything about it? Because if so yeesh that is Dark dark.


Title says it all. This part really is just the cherry on top of the cake- all of that and then they are discarded. To be honest given that Tend dick I could think of worse endings.


I think you did a really great job toeing that line between saying things and implying them! Its honestly a very good, chilling and unsettling piece of work, and I think you do a good job of raising the topics you mention without being too "in your face" about it.

I do think it could be interesting to have an in world entity (person, organisation, smth like that) who could observe these things the same way we do as outside readers, even if they are more biased from being inside the world. Not too sure how much sense that makes but yee ^^

All in all, dope work!!

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What a great article! The design reminds me of the Stands from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, and the rest of the article is really cool and creepy.

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Oh my god I didn't expect someone to figure it out! Yes, the design for the suit takes was originally my attempt at creating my own stand. JoJo is life!   Thank you for reading :)

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Awesome and creepy article Rikia!!, I really enjoyed reading it!!, specially the different materials you used for the combat suit

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Thank you Cally! Glad you enjoyed it, even if it is quite dark.

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2 Jun, 2021 12:08

That quote about Dr Tend made my skin crawl. Bloody hell. This article is so well done. But oh my god. How horrifying. You've done such a great job with it. I love the pieces of paper throughout.

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Thank you :)

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Wow! That is horrifying. Really well done.

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Thank you!

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Creepy, creepy, creepy, those in charge of the program are monsters. o_O The clash between reality and the convenient narrative is real scary here. Real nice article, it makes me shiver. o_O

11 Jun, 2021 23:14

those in charge of the program are monsters
Even worse... they are humans!   Thank you for reading! Glad you shivered.

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Those notes are incredible and add a perfect balance of haunted pauses to this article. I love it.

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Thank you for reading and for your support :)))

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Love what you did with the paper scraps. Nice work.

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