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Decay and Rebirth

Decay and Rebirth is the third and last book of the Black Teachings. It consists of Ironia's misadventures in Ola Melim, the land of the gods. It begins in the chamber of the golden god, Za'haph, and travels through all the divine domains of the Ten Supreme Gods. The last domain she visits is Mavet's, the destination she sought in the first place. It is there that she kills the god once and for all, ending her life-long quest. It is written in the final verses that she ascends to godhood, becoming the new goddess of decay, but also of rebirth - changing the balance of the world forever.

This book isn't considered religious canon by all, however. Many disregard it as an complete fabrication instigated by the Great Black Pillar Xusfia, who by for all appearances simply wanted to exert more power on behalf of saint's name.
Decay And Rebirth by rikia
Manuscript, Religious

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