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Gnomish Airship captain

In command of a Gnomish Airships, this gnome is trusted with quite the investment. They have ultimate responsability while on the ship, but they are rewarded thusly.



At least 10 years as an assistant pilot on an airship, so at least 30 years in the Airship Guild. They must be an excellent pilot, a capable navigator, and a cool, intelligent head. Having a Spark definitly helps.

Career Progression

Typically a captain will start on one of the bigger routes, where help is always at hand and journey times are short, less than a day. After at least 5-10 years of this, they may be chosen to progress to a longer route, with less traffic, perhaps a 2 day trip, but still entirely within the same nation. After another 5-10 years, they may transfer to an international route, perhaps as long as 5 days. Eventually, they may be selected to take command of one of the cross-ocean carriers, or as a pilot on a military craft. Only the very top captains will eventually progress to commanding one of the Hub ships, a true honour, after which they will retire, or move to an administrative role.

Payment & Reimbursement

200 gold pieces per year on top of a room in the ship, food on the ship, and a total of 20 days off in a year.

Other Benefits

On the ship, the captain has a room all to themselves. It is only 3 ft by 8 ft, but it is is their own personal space. They also of course get the first cut of meat and food.
After retirement, a captain can easily hitch a ride on any airship guild vessel, though of course only if they have space. However, unless a higher ranked captain wishes for a space, there is normally space, ships have spare hammocks that can be strung up in the food storage area. In addition, the guild will take them wherever they wish to go to retire, and ensure there is a warren to buy, even if the captain has to pay for it.
In the absolute rarest circumstances, if a captain was one of the ruling council, when he retires he may be given an older airship. This retains its security features, but the captain may use it how they see fit for the natural life of the ship, though this only tends to be a couple dozen years. He has to find a crew for it himself, and if the guild calls, he must help them, typically in making a delivery to a small town, or rescuing a stranded airship near him. He retains his sending stone, but the maps are removed and replaced with far simpler maps, still good enough though.



The captain is the head of the ship. While onboard, they acts as pilot during the day, but they also mediate disputes in the crew, deal with purchasing decisions with the steward and mechanic, and must act as a jack of all trades in case someone needs help. They also act as the person with whom passangers interact as the face of the company, ensuring they have a pleasant experience, along with the chef/steward.

Social Status

A skyship captain is the superhero to a young gnome, an incredibly prestigious job.


Only around 2400 captains exist.



A captain has on hand a repeating hand crossbow, and a mithral chain shirt. They also have a sending stone, a spare magstone/lodestone navigator, and formal wear. While piloting the vessel though, they only ever need their hands and feet.


A good captain will plan a route based on weather every morning with their navigator, so some paper and pencils.


The captain spends most of their day in the cockpit of the airship, at the controls. While an airship need not be managed continuously, in fact, homonculus systems mean that the ship can follow the path given to it for a good hour or so. However, a good captain doesnt leave, even having his lunch delivered (Though the crew does eat dinner and breakfast together).

Dangers & Hazards

An airship typically carries cargo worth thousands of gp, and their passangers are typically easily ransomed. As such, a captain must be prepared. However, the in air nature of their travel makes it extremly difficult for them to be attacks.
It is incredibly prestigious, though not particularly luxurious.

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