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Dreamwalkers are enigmatic individuals gifted with the extraordinary ability to traverse the ethereal realm of dreams. With their unique connection to the subconscious, they embark on captivating journeys through the sleeping minds of others. These skilled practitioners delve deep into the dreamscapes, guided by intuition and ancient knowledge, seeking to unravel the mysteries that lie within.   When the world falls into slumber, they venture forth, their consciousness merging with the intangible fabric of dreams. With their minds untethered from the constraints of the physical realm, they navigate intricate landscapes crafted from imagination, memories, and emotions. In this realm of ethereal beauty and symbolism, they encounter the manifestations of thoughts and desires, both light and dark.  


Dreamwalkers serve as conduits between the waking world and the realm of dreams, offering guidance and insights to those in need. They are sought after for their ability to interpret and decipher the symbolic language of dreams, unveiling hidden truths and unravelling the tangled threads of subconscious thoughts. Whether it is exploring the dreams of an individual plagued by nightmares or uncovering forgotten memories within the depths of one's mind, dreamwalkers bring solace and clarity to those who seek their aid.  


Throughout their career, dreamwalkers embark on a transformative journey, gradually deepening their understanding and exploration of the dream realm. Each step brings new challenges, insights, and opportunities for growth, allowing them to unlock the full potential of their abilities and serve as guides within the realm of dreams.   Awakening Awareness: At the beginning of their journey, a dreamwalker learns to recognise the signs and symbols within dreams, developing an understanding of the power and potential hidden within the realm of dreams.   Shallow Dives: As their skills progress, the dreamwalker ventures deeper into the subconscious, exploring the surface layers of dreams. They learn to navigate the dreamscapes, uncovering fragments of memories and emotions and offering gentle guidance to the dreamers.   Plunging Deeper: With experience, the dreamwalker gains the ability to dive further into the depths of the mind, reaching the inner chambers of the dreamer's psyche. They unravel intricate narratives, decipher complex symbolism, and aid in the resolution of deep-seated emotional conflicts.   Probing the Unconscious: As their mastery grows, the dreamwalker becomes adept at delving into the unconscious mind, where profound secrets and repressed memories lie. They confront the shadows and traumas, offering healing and facilitating the dreamer's journey towards self-discovery.   Empathic Connection: At this stage, the dreamwalker establishes a profound empathic connection with the dreamer, experiencing their emotions and memories as if they were their own. This deep connection allows for profound insights and transformative experiences within the dream realm.   Transcending Boundaries: As the dreamwalker nears the pinnacle of their career, they transcend the limitations of individual minds, entering collective dreamscapes and shared consciousness. They navigate the interconnectedness of dreams, facilitating healing, unity, and enlightenment on a larger scale.   Integration and Mastery: In the final stage of their progression, the dreamwalker achieves a harmonious integration of their own consciousness with the dream realm. They become masters of their craft, weaving dreams and guiding others towards self-realisation and inner transformation.  
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As twilight descends, Dreamwalkers enter a sacred chamber adorned with intricate tapestries and luminescent crystals. With their apprentice by their side, they begin the ancient ritual that allows them to venture into the realm of dreams.   First, a concoction of rare herbs and aromatic incense is carefully prepared, filling the chamber with a heady and mystical fragrance. The Dreamwalkers inhale the fragrant fumes, allowing the potent mixture to relax their minds and heighten their senses.   Next, they assume a meditative stance, sitting on the floor opposite their apprentice. The apprentice's task is to ensure the Dreamwalker's safety and guide them back to the waking world if needed.   With closed eyes, the Dreamwalker enters a deep trance, their breathing steady and controlled. As their consciousness drifts between realms, their physical body remains still and serene.   During this process, the Dreamwalker's minds become attuned to the subtle currents of dreams. Visions and imagery begin to take shape, drawing them further into the dream realm. With each passing moment, they immerse themselves in the vast expanse of the dream world.   The apprentice watches vigilantly, attuned to the Dreamwalker's every movement and expression. They must be prepared to intervene if the dream journey takes a dangerous or tumultuous turn. They are the guardian of their master's body, ensuring they remain anchored to the physical world while their minds explore the ethereal one.   As the dream journey unfolds, the Dreamwalkers may encounter a myriad of dreams, ranging from serene landscapes to enigmatic nightmares. They navigate these dreamscapes with insight and intuition, seeking to understand the messages and hidden meanings they hold.   When the time comes to return, the apprentice gently guides their master's consciousness with practised skill back to their physical body. The bond between Dreamwalker and apprentice is vital during this process, as the apprentice's presence serves as an anchor, preventing any untoward incidents and keeping their masters connected to the safety of reality.   Once the ritual is complete, the Dreamwalker opens their eyes, their expressions bearing traces of their dream journey. They share their experiences with their apprentice, recounting the visions they encountered and the wisdom they gleaned from the realm of dreams.   This ancient ritual is a delicate and profound art, passed down through generations of Dreamwalkers and their devoted apprentices. Together, they traverse the boundary between waking and dreaming, unlocking the mysteries of the subconscious and bringing wisdom back to the waking world.  


There's always two. A master ...   The scarcity of dreamwalkers is attributed to the demanding skills and rigorous training required to master the craft.   Becoming a dreamwalker is no ordinary feat. It necessitates a delicate balance of innate talent, unwavering dedication, and a deep understanding of the mind. The process of learning to navigate the realm of dreams requires years of arduous training under experienced mentors who guide aspiring dreamwalkers through the intricacies of their abilities.   Dreamwalking is not merely about stepping into dreams but delving into the profound depths of the subconscious, traversing the ethereal landscapes woven by the mind. It demands mastery of lucid dreaming, interpretation of symbolism, and the ability to discern the hidden meanings concealed within the surreal tapestry of dreams. A dreamwalker must possess keen intuition, exceptional emotional intelligence, and a profound connection to the human psyche.   Almost no one starts off the carree as a dreamwalker. Most dreamwalkers have been an assistant before.
... and an apprentice.   The assistant to a dreamwalker plays a vital role in supporting and safeguarding the dreamwalker during their ethereal journeys into the realm of dreams. These dedicated individuals possess a unique set of skills and unwavering loyalty, standing as pillars of strength and protection for the dreamwalker as they navigate the intricate landscapes of the subconscious.   The role of an assistant to a dreamwalker is demanding and requires a deep understanding of the intricacies of the dreamwalker's craft. They are adept at preparing the physical environment for the dreamwalker's journey, creating a serene and harmonious space conducive to delving into the realm of dreams. With meticulous attention to detail, they ensure that the dreamwalker's needs are met, from the provision of calming teas and comforting rituals to tending to the physical well-being of the dreamwalker.   The assistant, tasked with tending to the dreamwalker's needs during their ethereal expeditions, undergoes a parallel process of learning and growth alongside their mentor. A dreamwalker cannot just pick a different assistant, should they ned a new one. The same goes for the assistant. Teaming up with a new partner restarts the bonding process and may require again years until completion.


Delving into the realm of dreams is not without its risks. Dreamwalkers must navigate the shifting landscapes of the subconscious with caution, for lurking within are echoes of traumas, fears, and dormant darkness. The lines between reality and illusion blur, and the boundaries of the mind become malleable. A dreamwalker must possess strong mental fortitude, honed skills, and a deep understanding of the psyche to navigate these treacherous realms unscathed.
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Dreamwalker Council: Behind the scenes, a powerful council of dreamwalkers exists, silently guiding the paths of those with the gift. They work in the shadows, protecting the balance between dreams and reality and ensuring that dreamwalkers adhere to their sacred duties.   The Forbidden Path: Legend speaks of a forbidden path that some dreamwalkers dared to tread, leading to an elusive realm beyond the dream realm. Very few have returned from this path, and those who did showed an unsettling change in demeanour, hinting at the unimaginable truths they had witnessed.   Dreamwalkers' Sacrifice: Unbeknownst to many, dreamwalkers pay a steep price for their gift. Each time they enter the realm of dreams, a fragment of their life force is left behind. As the years go by, this sacrifice can take a toll, ageing dreamwalkers more rapidly than ordinary mortals.   Dreamwalkers' Mark: Dreamwalkers bear a unique mark on their skin, an intricate pattern of symbols that can only be seen when they enter the realm of dreams. Each mark is different, representing the dreamwalker's journey and experiences within the dream realm.   The Dream Anchor: Legend speaks of an ancient artefact known as the Dream Anchor, said to hold the power to stabilise and safeguard the dream realm from external threats. 
about 200 worldwide
Known Dreamwalkers
  Kaguya from Boranga
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  Oula from Caleonidia
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  Pepto from Caleonidia
A Dreamwalker Assistant by Tillerz using MidJourney
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