Named for the large lake that resides in the middle of the region, Silverlake could be described as less of a 'City' and more of a collection of small towns. These townships formed from individual farms over the past century and banded together for security and prosperity. Though each town remains mostly monotonous, over 50 townships claim seats on the large council of Silverlake and year to year they meet to discuss maintaining that autonomy and the general prices of grain...   The vast majority of food is grown here for the Isles, and while many have speculated as to the 'how' behind the incredibly fertile plains of Silverlake one thing is certain the halflings and druids of the isles have populated this region to the very edges of its capacity with fields and orchards as far as the eyes can see.


Mostly halfling, though a large contingent of human indentured servants live here and work the farms.




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