Akosa: The Storm Lost Isle

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The island nation of Akosa was discovered over 1000 years ago by explorers in the seas west of Faerun. The resource rich island was quickly turned from abandoned ruins to a burgeoning trade hub, the jewel of the western seas.   When the sails of a massive armada crested the horizon and approached the shores of Akosa the people stood together to defend their new lands. All was thought lost until, as if summoned, a tempest rose from the depths. Destroying the invading fleet and bringing peace to an island in the midst of war.   Now nearing a millennia since the tempest the same great storm churns on, ever raging just outside the waters of Akosa. A life of isolation has changed the face of the island and tenuous alliances have been formed.   You find yourself in a land on the brink of civil war, a strange new resource has tipped the precariously balanced scales of power as an unseen force begins to stir in the depths of the isle.   Welcome to Akosa   A D&D 5e Homebrew Campaign - Details for players - CLICK HERE -

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The Storm Lost Isle

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