The Campaign: Getting Started in Akosa

Welcome to Akosa, and our new adventure!

    This campaign is a player-driven narrative in which you will join your peers to navigate a plot I have written to challenge you!   You may decide to handle a situation through diplomacy, combat, or any combination of unique solutions, your imagination is the limit! (most of the time). Don't feel pressured to provide a voice, or be intimidated by the RP aspect it's not mandatory but it adds a ton of fun!  
Note: We will be running a few 'Session Zero' meetings to introduce everyone to the tools, the campaign, and each other. This will ensure you will enjoy the content and can commit to a long running game!

Stuff you should know and do:

    1. We are playing D&D 5e - Online using, please create an account if you don't have one   2. There are some homebrew elements such as the unique materials Lykeum & Damascium - I will entertain other ideas but like to source from official content   3. If you do not have access to a player handbook let me know. I will be sharing my D&D Beyond access, please create an account if you don't have one   4. Discord is our current preferred method of communication. Message Kensho#5449 for access, please create an account if you don't have one   5. Attendance is REALLY important - please make it to the games, your fellow players depend on you!   6. We love the RP - this is not a focused Min/Max game and it is targeted toward newer players that want to be immersed in a shared story   7. XP is distributed on a milestone basis with rewards for engaging RP and interactions with other players / NPCs   8. Please take a look at Homebrew in Akosa to see what we do differently    

Here’s where you come in:

  Character creation can seem complex if you have never done it before, but I am here to help!    

Your character is a descendant of the people that lived on Akosa during great invasion that culminated in The Tempest (huge storm that cut you off from the world). Almost 900 years have passed since the island became isolated, and the recent discovery of Damascium is changing the fragile alliances that have kept the island stable all these years.

  Below are some guidelines:   I will be using D&D Beyond - as previously mentioned I will share a campaign which will give you access to all of the currently released official content. Please use this for character creation and I will invite you to the shared campaign  
  • This is a medium magic setting - magic items are possible, but uncommon. However, thanks to Lykeum and the Enchanters Guild, they can be made - roll a history check for more info...
  • We use the 27pt Point Buy option - you will roll for health or take the average unless you roll a nat 1 - if that happens you can roll again and must take the result
  • Most of the official races are represented on Akosa, though Elves are often watched with a suspicious eye after the invasion, keep this in mind if you roll one...
  • Keeping in mind this is based around the Sword Coast - Eberon/Ravnica is the only excluded content, if you have something specific we can discuss
  • The economy of Akosa is based around the trade of minerals, food, and people - slavery is used by many as a form of currency
  • It is a turbulent time in Akosa - the discovery of Damascium has caused unbalance in the world
  • At a high level: Dwarves trade minerals (mostly Lykeum), Halflings trade food, and the Humans trade other humans to mine or farm for the other inhabitants
  • The Pirate queens of Sedja trade Damascium directly to the human city state of Talos Landing circumventing a millennia-long alliance with the Dwarves who mine Bhir Lodur for its riches. In return, the Dwarves have attempted to capture the food-producing regions of Akosa and have threatened to stop the sale of Lykeum
Depending on the background you choose for your character, I will custom fit you into the lore / storyline and make sure you have a background you love and one that I can work into a character arc
    The world is changing and with these subtle changes the dark creatures of Akosa have started to rise. The serene fields of Silverlake are stalked with goblins, the deep mines of Bhir Lodur crawl with unspeakable horrors, and creatures from the depths lurk in the harbors of Talos Landing.   What dark force drives this change and will the newly discovered treasures of the shattered isles change the island forever?


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