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The Daring Soul

The Daring Soul is an experimental airship designed by Professor Veru Alriel of The Guild of Madeisic Legacy, though the ship was paid for and is owned by The Kingdom of Maedoria. Professor Alriel designed the ship and its unique propulsion qualities through a form of Raethosian energy magic, as a renowned wizard, the professor makes sure the ship stays in the air. But it is Captain Connally Laivere who keeps the ship running, being a spell caster herself, the professor and the captain both have huge parts in keeping the ship in the sky.
"The professor might be a little off his rocker but the Daring Soul is an amazing ship. I'm honored to captain it." -Captain Laivere
  The Daring Soul is a very large ship that has 3 levels. The first being the deck. Outfitted with 5 ballistae for protection and sail on the side of the ship for navigation it's the first of its kind to be designed like this.
The second level is home to Captain Laivere's cabin and the weapons hold where four harpoon guns reside pointing out the sides of the ship for added protection.
  The bottom level contains the ship's cargo hold as well as the crew quarters.
    The Daring Soul is a brand new ship that has not had a lot of experience being in the air but should the experiments that professor Alriel conducts go well it will be a huge milestone for The Kingdom of Maedoria and all of Akara.
"I've put my very soul in to making this ship work. It will mark a new age for Akara if it's the last thing I do." -Professor Alriel

Power Generation

The Daring Soul is very unique in that it uses Raethosian energy magic to keep it afloat in the sky. However, what is groundbreaking is that the energy is first stored in an Apoxie crystal and saved for later to power the ship and keep it in the sky.


The Daring Soul has a complicated wind-based system similar to traditional sea ships, with the exception that the sails are on the side of the ship to help push it forward while the Apoxie crystal raises the ship into the air.

Weapons & Armament

The daring soul keeps an arrangement of ballistas on the deck and harpoon guns on the lower deck, should they be needed.

Additional & auxiliary systems

Because the ship and the use of the Apoxie crystal are extremely experimental the walls of the crystal engine room are covered in runes that can be used in rune magic to make the ship descend slowly in case of an emergency landing.
Used by
semper supra et ultra
Owning Organization
The first of its kind

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