Sea of Salder

1st of Sun's Swell, AE 721  
Located directly to the north of the Mansraine Sea, the Sea of Salder is surrounded by land on three sides. On its dawnward side lies the Chancellery of Elektrenai, to the north is Ahknei, and south-duskward and south are the Free Cities of Axapotlan and the Dienlian Dominion. In the mouth of the sea is Pitchpoint Island, a relatively small, but slowly growing cinder cone claimed by the Maldock Trading Company.   It is somewhat shallower and less salty than surrounding waters.

Fauna & Flora

Mussels, carp, goby, wrasse, sturgeon, monk seals, sea otters
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Cover image: Sea of Salder map by Illumiinae, made with Azgaar's Fantasy Map Generator


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