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Nikolla Trimme

1st of Sun's Swell, AE 721  
"How's the assignment going?"
"Sooo... normal, then?"  
A typical conversation between Nikolla and her editor, Mina
  Nikolla Trimme doesn't particularly enjoy working with other people. This is usually not an ideal trait for a reporter, but were the Bruxaria Bulletin in the habit of turning people away based on first impressions, they would never have gotten half the juicy gossip they've printed over the last three academic years.   With a unassuming, often stutteringly anxious demeanor, people frequently assume the absolute least of Nikolla, and never that she, typically sitting quietly in a corner with a book in front of her, is listening on all frequencies to every conversation around her. Her mother did always tell her that if she ever felt lost in a conversation, it never hurts to be a good listener.  

Personal History

  Born in the northern reaches of the Khairluutian Empire, Nikolla struggled with socialization from a young age. Her parents, Eva and Philip, were hesitant to reach out to doctors, and instead opted for homeschooling and trying encouraging her to branch out in her own time and her own way. Despite Nikolla's best efforts to become a recluse, she was observant and thoughtful, remembering people's likes and dislikes, and all the little details of conversations that even her parents struggled to recall.   She began writing rather young. Her father had always told her that if there were ever something she read or heard that she didn't understand, to write it down and look it up in a dictionary later. Dictionaries were chronically unhelpful in understanding people, but she continued writing and remembering anyway.   It would take until Nikolla was thirteen before she realized that not everyone was listening to everything around them all the time, that most people couldn't recall minute details of their days they way she could. She was more focused on the fact that they didn't look sweaty and/or mildly nauseated and/or vaguely resembling a shaky chihuahua each time they had to try and act like a normal person around strangers. They didn't say things that they apparently weren't supposed to know, or if they did know, weren't supposed to share.   It was on her first day at Bruxaria University that she shared one such thing that she wasn't supposed to know and wasn't supposed to share (another student had simultaneously romanced two others over the summer without their knowledge, and they were all assigned to the same orientation group; it was going as well as could be expected) with another student she'd met named Mina who found it absolutely delightful. Dictionaries still haven't told her why.
Current Status
Wondering if learning how to make her own deodorant would be difficult.
Current Residence
Silverquill dorms
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Bond boon
Given a little time, Nikolla can usually dig up some gossip on any other students who are giving you trouble.
Bond bane
Your secrets are increasingly becoming the talk of the campus, ending up in the hands of those who you least would want to know them.

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Aug 19, 2023 02:00

"Wondering if learning how to make her own deodorant would be difficult" is such a university student thought, I laughed. Nikolla is an engaging character and this is a great introduction that really gives me a clear image of her in my head!