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1st of Sun's Swell, AE 721  
The Exemplars are the original four Genasi and original six Selhi created by Avari. It's said that Avari named and raised each of them himself, and so as their names were passed down their lineages, they carry significant weight and status. While each of them has long since passed, they have an almost saint-like status in Avarin┬áculture.   The original Genasi consist of:
  • Acacius, the earth Genasi
  • Zephyra, the air Genasi
  • Rosemarinus, the water Genasi
  • Ignatius, the fire Genasi
The original Selhi consist of:
  • Aurelia, the sand Selhi
  • Basil, the lightning Selhi
  • Atlas, the fog Selhi
  • Valentia, the magma Selhi
  • Beatrix, the mud Selhi
  • Vesper, the oil Selhi
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