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Divine Houses

1st of Sun's Swell, AE 721  

It's not certain when the first divine houses were founded, but their history can be traced to at least the beginning of the current era. The Divine House of Thala was once located in Pallissa, the capital city of  Saktos; neither the House nor the nation still exists, but there are references to the house in records kept by visiting merchants from the first century to their endless amusement or revulsion at what was viewed as a bizarre, exotic curiosity. They describe people with skin the colors of wildflowers and eyes like the void, all clustered in their own enclave and somewhat suspicious of, but not entirely unwelcoming to outsiders.


In the modern day, divine houses are more common and at least one can usually be found in any large urban center. One of the most well known, The House of Crystal in the Free Cities of Axapotlan, has grown into an independent city-state. Ordinary houses often occupy a single-family home, or sometimes a cluster of apartments, creating a close, familial bond and relationship that is reinforced by the fact that the founders of the house, as well as successive leaders, are referred to as the House Mother and/or Father.


While they are predominantly known for housing Tieflings and Aasimar, they will be fiercely protective of anyone who comes their way and is in need of help. Those with divinity poisoning are known to find sanctuary there, as are any who feel rejected or excluded from society. Divine houses aim to provide shelter to any who would need it, whether temporarily or on a long-term basis. Specific rules and expectations for being allowed to live there long-term vary from house to house, but most are built on the principle, "from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs."

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