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Divinity-touched – Aasimar / Tiefling

1st of Sun's Swell, AE 721  
Aasimar and tieflings, sometimes collectively referred to as divinity-touched, are individuals whose lineage has been affected in some way by deities, celestials, or, more rarely, other extra-planar beings.  


  Determining the lineage of some aasimar and tieflings is quite simple; many deities and types of celestials are known for some specific physical traits. However, not every individual is guaranteed to share all or even any of the common traits. There are also a number of traits which have not yet been conclusively associated with a specific type of being.  


Red, orange, or yellow skin tones, the faint sound of crunching leaves when walking, smell of nutmeg and cinnamon, females frequently have twins


Long strands of grasses growing in their hair, aroma of petrichor, females frequently have twins


Birthmarks shaped like Lichtenburg figures, platinum blond or silver hair, lightening or darkening gradients along the extremities


Marble-like skin with veining, birthmarks in the shapes of card suits, ram-like horns


Uncannily large eyes and pupils, blue and grey skin tones, blue blood


Occasional loose embers in hair, glowing eyes and mouths, golden skin, multiple sets of horns


No known aasimar or tieflings


Metallic extremities or hair, black scleras, shark-like teeth that regularly fall out and replace themselves


A constant smell of old books, curly hair, rectangular pupils, large vocal range


Vertical slit pupils, extra sets of eyes, patches of scales along the spinal column


Eyes and hair that seem to slowly shift in color, light aroma of honey, scars which heal in bright, vibrant colors


Fast-growing hair and nails, icy blue skin, spiral-shaped horns

Basic Information

Genetics and Reproduction

Data on aasimar and tiefling genetics is still in its infancy, and thus far has been conflicting. In genealogical studies, some families will consist exclusively of divinity-touched individuals, with any couple with at least one divinity-touched parent only ever producing divinity-touched children. Other families function more like carriers of a recessive gene, with only occasional appearances of divinity-touched individuals.

Dietary Needs and Habits

They require the same quantities of food and water as your average humanoid.

Civilization and Culture

Major Organizations

House of Crystal – starting as a small, rural commune inspired by the more typically urban Divine Houses founded by tieflings and aasimars, it has now grown into a medium-sized city-state populated almost entirely by divinity-touched individuals.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Because of the aasimar and tiefling's innate connection to the divine and the mysterious nature of their existence, opinions on them tend to vary widely, but more often than not lean towards suspicion. From an outsider's perspective, they have strange abilities from an unknown divine source, and not all divine and celestial beings are known to be good, and so aasimar and tieflings are often viewed with the same caution and suspicion.


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