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There was once an Ossifreyan keep near the eastern seashore, but it was destroyed to the point of uselessness long before the war started. The empty castle was revived by the recluse Bullidas Cuspin, who claimed the territory for himself and formed an informal alliance with Ornity. He hardly lets anyone into the castle, except for the elusive members of his organization, the Signeadown.  

Alien gardens

Plots of land, indoors and out, are covered in farms and greenery, like the magic meadows in the catacombs beneath Aevaly. Some of it grew naturally, a few patches were tilled and organized by hand, but all of it is a little twisted under Cuspin's influence. Interleaved with herbs and vegetables are some weird plants that are hard to identify.   Developments - Act II
Cuspin mostly just cared for the strange plants for fun, but his experiments turned out to be useful anyway. Some of the most weird and tenacious sprouts showed up again at the The Stole Fixture.


The ruined castle is filled up with meadows, flowerbeds, and trees. Soil has been piled up inside the castle to form hills, even on the higher floors. The stone walls are polished to a sheen, sometimes covered in weaves of plant life. The keep is still in a half-destroyed state, but the rubble and abandoned space has been massively repurposed and carefully maintained. It's a beautiful home for a lucky few tenants.
Characters in Location

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