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Agrophon is a fantasy continent, and a campaign setting for Dungeons & Dragons, 5th Edition.   After centuries of competition for land and authority, the many factions of Agrophon finally settled into peace. Between these nations, who were speaking with each other as if for the first time, timeless highways of information and culture developed. Hundreds of minor gods appeared, great thinkers arrived from all parts of the globe, and a new golden age promised to change the world. All this change reached the ears of Agrophon’s two military superpowers, Haust and Ornity, who became suspicious: their neighbors talked about them like they were obsolete. Their leaders formed a duumvirate and antagonized the rest of the continent.   Ornity's endless forces took the lead with a blindsiding conquest along the eastern mountains. The cities in their way were isolated and sacked. When they took control of the seas and skies, communications to people in need were strangled. Overstretched but still hungry for battle, Ornity abandoned most of the citizens in their wake, leaving them helpless to a new age of pillagers, monsters, and disasters.   By the time the rest of Agrophon had gathered its forces, the conflict had moved all the way to the city of Aevaly, the last chance to defuse Ornity's progress and avert total war. The people and gods of Agrophon collided to decide the future of the continent.   Most people expected Ornity to win, but they didn't think it would be so easy. The stunned survivors dug a catacomb for their soldiers who fell, cheated, in the hopeless battle. All they could do was wait for the rest of the continent to fall.   Next year, everyone in the catacomb suddenly wakes up.

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