You decide the donation this woman is willing to give you, should not be wasted, but your task to cleanse the man will still happen. You take the pouch from the woman, then give her a slight smile, while you grab the man's arm and pull him towards the trough.
"No, why are you taking my money when you are still going to kill my husband!" The woman cries out in desperation.
"The Order appreciates your donation, and shall spare your life since you did try to bribe a member. The Illirfrain will still die, because it is against the natural order." You explain.
"He has never done anything wrong! Why are you like this?" Asks the woman.
"I am only doing what I was tasked to do. Walk away from here with your life, you cannot save your husband." You simply answer.

The woman tries to push and pull you away from the trough, then she grabs your dagger and hold it in front of you.
"Release my husband." She hisses at you, and you draw your sword and stabs the woman. "Foolish woman. You should have listened to what I said, then you would not have died in vain, but you just had to threaten me." You partially say to the dead woman. The man tries to shake himself free from your grasp, but you just grip more tightly around his hair, and drags him to the trough where you hold his head underneath the water. You wait a short time to make sure the man is dead, and then waits for your colonel returns to you.

The colonel steps outside the tavern and approaches you.
"I see you completed the task. Well done. but why is there two bodies?" He ask you.
"The woman first tried to bribe me and then threaten me, once she realised I would not let the man go. I took her coin purse and told her it was a donation from her to not kill her for bribing me. Here." You tell your colonel. He takes the coin purse, and then throws it back at you.
"Keep it for a job well done. You have proven yourself both worthy and loyal to the Order. Go grab some food and beer inside the tavern. I shall make another take care of the bodies." He tells you and pass you a few more gold coins.


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