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Spooktober 2022

I have decided to try and make something for 13 prompts, maybe more. This is the generic article containing all the things I will be making in relation to Spooktober.


Misfortune, haunt, spirit

The aldenfolk and vathirs are byproducts of creation. The aldenfolk are believed to be spirits who bring misfortune and is often associated with nature. Some are spirits of bogs and others are of rivers. Despite them being considered spirits of some sort, they can have physical bodies as well. The vathirs are little creatures that are often helping or haunt the six races. Mostly it is the Dynbodauls, who suffer from their naughty deeds or their malcontent.

Vanish, howl, hunt

The eytah and fhirnas are considered to be vathirs. The eytah looks like a little child, but with a beard. His pet, the fhirnas, is able to shapeshift and vanish into seemingly thin air. The duo often lives on farmes, and either helps at the farm or causes mischief, like tying the cows' tails together. If the eytah and his pet is fed well enough, he helps and occationally causes a bit mischief, but if you make an enemy out of the eytah, they can even turn evil and kill you. Often the fhirna likes to hunt and howl at the farmer's dog for fun, making the poor creature seemingly barking at the air, often getting yelled at by the farmer.

Drown, darkness, abandoned, shadow, shatter, broken, escape

Verti was a hero for a long time, until his return from Saithon, where he had fought the Satlonian Empire who had raided the coastline of lower Western Agia. After his return, a rumor had circulated that they had seen him talking to a shadow inside an abandoned house, they also heard him shatter more of the few broken furniture that was inside.

This warranted the Tilor to take action, since a suspicion of him being an illifrain were imminent, and in the end the Hand of the Tilor brought him to a small bathtub, where he poured an unknown subsitance inside and then held Verti's head under water until he drew breath no more. Later they bound his leg to a rock and threw him into the sea to make sure he would not escape the cleansing, and would drown.

Today, some prays to him that he would lift those who have drowned from the darkness and to Irath'las.






















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