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Aldenfolk and Vathirs

The aldenfolk and vathirs are part of a common belief in the Northern Agia. The aldenfolk and vathirs are often described as an unintentional byproduct of the creations Irath did. While the North believes in a different religion, it still holds a lot of similarities to the Book of Irath. The Northerners believe that Rathias was the goddess who tried to bring balance to the creations which Irath had made to tip the balance between dark and light into her favour.

Differences between Aldenfolk and Vathirs

Aldenfolk and vathirs are believed to be related, however, there are some differences. The aldenfolk are believed to be empty spirits, living in rivers on land. Some have a body while others are more spirits in certain elements, like water. This is because the aldenfolk are a byproduct of Agia's creation. All of them do have one thing in common; their back is hollow for they possess no soul, they are only malevolent spirits to do evil. The most commonly known aldenfolk is the Brogdarmen.

The vathirs are the little creatures, which are often connected to the everyday life of the six races. Some resemble Dynbodauls,while others resemble Grefeims, or other of the six races.
The vathirs are more negotiable than the aldenfolk, and as long as you keep them happy, they tend to leave you alone. The most commonly known vathir is the Eytah, who lives in a farmer's attic and helps with the farmer's responsibilities in exchange for food and clothing.

Creation of Aldenfolk and Vathirs

When Irath created the seas and lands, she had been consumed by greed. The greed made her desire to control everything in the universe, and destroy the current balance between the dark and light. Rathias knew this would only lead to destruction, and tried to stop Irath from destroying the balance. When Irath was confronted with Rathias, she was seething with rage and made her hands into a fist where her sharp nails cut into her skin and made her bleed. The blood fell onto the land and ocean, creating the first aldenfolk. The aldenfolk tried to stop Rathias while Irath disappeared to do more creations.

During the creation of the races, Rathias tried to balance all this new life which would harm nature by feeding extensively on the vegetation which the balance had brought. Rathias made some animals carnivorous to balance the sudden amount of life. Irath was frustrated and angry while she created the five races, which later became six, and during the creation of the firsts, she made byproducts of life, looking like the five races, but acting much differently. These became the unpredictable vathirs, even the goddesses found them unpredictable.
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Known Vathirs

Eytahs and Fhirnas
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Known Aldenfolk


Author's Notes

I was heavily inspired by Norse mythology and Scandinavian folklore for the vathirs and Aldenfolk. Vathirs is very similar to what we call in Danish, vætter, while the aldenfolk are inspired by ellefolket/elves (not the fantasy elves). I tried to bend the ideas into my world, but some parts might be directly inspired by our folklore.

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