You do not believe the woman's word, you think she is just protecting her husband from being Cleansed. Beside, you do not want any trouble inside the order. You push the woman gently to the side, and continue to drag the man to the trough, to cleanse him from the Illirfrain. You pray a silent prayer to Irath to show mercy to the real man, and then you pour the vial's content into the trough's water. The water turns slightly more blue, and just the moment where you want to hold the man's head underneath the water, the woman tries to fight you by pushing and pulling you away from the trough.
"I beg of you, please spare my husband!" She cries out while fighting you, but the moment she got hold of your dagger you know that she will go too far.
"Release him, or I shall kill you." She hisses at you, while holding the dagger desperately in front of you.
"Do not force me to kill you as well." You say. You slowly pull forth your sword, and the woman trembles. She charge at you, but she is only met with your sword in her stomach. You feel bile rise up in your throat, and force yourself to look away and think of something else. Then you remember your task, and you know the hard part of today is not over. You harden yourself and drag the man to the trough, he seems to be in a complete shock, which surprises you, since that is not something an Illirfrain would be because of one death, but you know your colonel would not make a mistake and let you kill an innocent, unless the individual attacked you first.

Once you reach the trough, you hold the man's head beneath the water. The man struggles against your grib and then he becomes completely still. You wait for some time for the colonel to step outside, and during this time you try not to look as a complete mess.
The colonel steps outside the tavern and look at you and then at the body, which head is still in the trough's water.
"I see you completed the task I gave you. Well done. Why is the woman dead too, though?" He asks you.
"The woman tried to stop me, even threatened to kill me, so I had to protect myself." You answer honestly.
"Well done. You have definitely proven yourself worthy of being in this organisation. I shall order someone else to dig the grave for this Illirfrain. You go inside the tavern and get yourself a nice meal and some beer." Says the colonel who gives you some coins. You feel relieved that you are not the one to bury the body and you go inside the tavern as fast as you can to get away from the hideous sight of the two bodies.


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