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The Luscious Valleys

Thick forestation and humid weather in the deep valleys of Seiwana is the perfect combination for life to do its thing: Evolution. Some of these valleys are so inaccessible that they have never been visited by anyone. Life in these valleys is so different and diverse, almost creating its own little world within Aewyn. These small worlds have been isolated for centuries, and species long gone from the land surrounding the mountains have survived and are thriving within the valleys.   The valleys are a goldmine for understanding the species before us, and how a limited area can impact the natural evolution of species. The Luscious Valleys was ones a place littered with active volcanoes, and this is in fact what made the valleys. What remains is dormant volcanoes, now just mountains, and the deep valleys between them. The ground surrounding volcanoes are extremely fertile and makes the perfect grounds for plants to grow - together with the humid weather, the valleys are like small terrariums growing life inside them.  



Echoes of the past

  The early days in Aewyn is believed to look much like the Luscious Valleys - impassable with thick forests and plants. That is also why Aewynians look at the valleys as time capsules. One species that is an excellent example of how an environment dictates the life around it is the Jumping Gentleman, a fantastic bird without much use for wings - at least not for flight.   Dense forest makes it hard to navigate on wings without getting stuck in branches and getting hurt, and therefore most birds seen in the valleys have shorter and more rounded wings, that makes them perfect for balance. To get around in trees the birds jump using their strong legs and then balance with their wings spread out. Quite different from the birds most of us know.  

Remarkable plants

  With trees as tall as 10 meters, some even taller, light on the forest floor is sparse. Plants are fighting for rays of sunlight to get the energy they need to grow. But most of the smaller plants have overcome this problem. Bushes, flowers, and smaller trees will never grow as tall as the large forest trees, so instead, they leach on trees and steals some of its collected energy.   It has even been observed that strange mixes between flowers and trees have occurred as the flowers grow as a part of the tree. This has lead to some extraordinary cross-breeds between plants and trees never seen before.   The giant trees act as an energy source for everything else, and its roots are like a net of energy spread out on the entire forest floor.  




  In the country of Seiwania - considered to have the largest variarety of biomes in Aewyn.  
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Size of area

  The Luscious Valleys are defined by the dormant volcanoes in the northern parts of Seiwania. The area is estimated to take up around 10% of the entire country and has around 47, both small and large, dormant volcanoes.   Most of what is referred to as the Luscious Valleys lie between volcanoes but some are in the centre part of the once lava-filled volcano.

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