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The Dwarves are creatures of myth and magic. They are said to be similar in appearance to humans but half the size and much hairier. They are known for being exceptionally industrious, mastering the arts of construction and engineering is considered the pinnacle of professions for a dwarf.   Ruins of the dwarven culture can be evidenced mainly across Eucia as they have numerous abandoned cities deep into the mountain ranges and village or ruined temples at their peaks. The city of Ionaglar is documented to have been constructed by dwarves, however the style of the architecture is very different to their usual style as evidenced in Theradum. This suggests the dwarves of Theradum had an alliance with the Ionian Empire or were possibly enslaved by the elves in the ages past.   The dwarves are deeply religious, having their own belief system comprising a pantheon of deities and a collection of myths and legends.

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