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Dwarven creation mythos

The story of the creation of the cosmos and our world, as the dwarves tell it

In the beginning there was nothing. Then came into existence Soldin, the bringer of light and life. He created the cosmos and his star, the sun. Then from the darkness came Myrkra, the goddess of darkness and death. The two battled for aeons, the war forever in the balance in the cosmos. Soldin then created his children; Aukrim, Brunis, Jorthea and Vatngar. To them he blessed with power over the elements to help him defeat Myrkra. For many more aeons the gods fought across the cosmos. Jorthea gathered the dust of battle into mighty meteors that Aukrim launched across the cosmos. Brunis set them aflame and scorched her way through the darkness lighting up the cosmos.   Vatngar however did not fight. The sight of Mykra’s beauty captivated him. Vatngar sought to bring peace between his family and his lover. He convinced Jorthea to stop gathering the dust and creating the tools of destruction. Furious at the betrayal Aukrim and Brunis planned to created one last meteor to destroy Myrkra once and for all. Brunis found the biggest rock that Jorthea had left behind and she set about super-heating into a star, much like their father’s star. Vatngar learned of this plan and together with Jorthea they set about thwarting the plan. Jorthea gathered more dust to add to the star, which at first made Brunis think her sister was once again helping her but then Vatngar created the sea and super-cooled the crust forming a rock-hard layer and trapping Brunis inside the rock.   Aukrim arrived too late. He flew down from the cosmos with such force and with one almighty blow from his hammer he struck the surface of the world. The lands rose above the sea forming the first mountains and continents as the earth shook but the blow did not break Brunis free. Vatngar pleaded Aukrim to stop and he would not free Brunis until they made peace, and so Aukrim and Vatngar battled and created the storms.   Jorthea filled with guilt over imprisoning her sister went to Soldin and asked him to bring life to her world and together they created the first dwarves, tasked with digging deep into the world to free Brunis. And so the dwarves came and they tunnelled deeper and deeper under mountains unto the very core of the world until a fiery rage burst from the earth scorching everything in its path destroying much of the dwarven race. The survivors of that apocalypse realised that to release Brunis would be the end of the world and so they decided to dig no longer and instead became guardians of the mountains and the mines they had dug and from then on the underground became the domain of Myrkra, where their ancestors will guard the mines for all time.
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