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The source of magic.
The essence of life itself.

It flows through the world from it's deepest core to the veins of the highest mountains.
The most potent substance ever known to the races of the world and it's power is magnificent.
Those that learnt to wield it's power have reaped the benefits.

They were able to manipulate the very energy around them.
Summon the flame, the wind and the rain and call down lightning from the skies above.
They could shake the world or tear it asunder.
They could even manifest life itself.

Indeed, the power of Aether is truly awesome.
And it is extremely dangerous.

Over a thousand years have passed since the collapse.
No one truly knows what series of events culminated in the collapse, or what the collapse truly was.
Civilisation was lost.
Buried and forgotten in time.

Those who survived the collapse did only just that, survive.
Slowly, in time civilisation returned to the world.
A different world.
Built on the ruins of the past and finding a new way.

That world is Aethea.