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Skyborough is a fortress city nestled into the Skyspyre Mountains. Although the city has expanded out over the centuries, the stronghold itself was excavated directly into the mountain range and was designed with a defensive strategy in mind.


This city was founded by the Ionian Empire to commemorate the Ionian conquest of southern Eucia and as a frontier stronghold for their operations in Eucia. It was designed and constructed by the Dwarves of Theradum but inspired by Ionian architecture. It's beautiful tiered districts had been excavated from the Skyspyre Mountains, providing structural longevity and a strategic natural defence to any would-be invaders. The mines that were used to build the city were re-purposed as aqueducts to channel fresh water into the city that then cascades down the tiered districts and into the lake.   Not long after the completion of it's construction the Ionian emperor visited his new city, back then naming it Ionaglar, when Gyron the Great, the last surviving heir of House Aglar, a royal bloodline from before the conquest, used the mines to infiltrate into the city. Gryon captured and executed the emperor, leading to the collapse of the empire and restoring his father's kingdom, becoming King of Aglaron.

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