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A pile of coal. Tinder. A powder keg. All three wait for a spark. All three can unleash a wicked display of danger and destruction if ignited. All three pale in comparison to Aerilon, a world on the brink of collapse. A world that is coming apart at the seams, and has been sewed together with matches. A world which even a spark will send a conflagration of chaos careening across the land.   When playing in a campaign set in the world of Aerilon, players will not ask themselves whether or not the destruction will come. They will ask themselves if the destruction will ever end.   Aerilon is set amid mounting tensions from every country, race, religion, and town. The Dark War has come and gone, and with it The New Worlds, a new continent and islands which had recently been discovered, could not be ruled by any country of The Old Worlds. Independent city states sprang up all around The New Worlds, bringing a wave of fresh trade, new technologies, and an era of peace. But The Dark War had taken it's toll on the realm...

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