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Welcome to the world of Aerilon! It is likely you have found this page after watching our content on Twitch or YouTube. I am the creator of this world, and the DM, Alex. I would first like to say a few words about my DM style and the campaigns set in Aerilon as a whole.   Much like we would refer to Earth, Aerilon is the name of both the planet and overworld dimension where most of this campaign (is intended) to take place on. The world has a lot of homebrew content mixed in, and I would suggest anyone who is interested in watching our full streams every week to check out the primer which details included races, classes, subclasses, and mechanics here. At of the start of this campaign, it is early 2021. The inclusion of the content was current when created, however it is unlikely that we will include more races/classes/subclasses in the world and lore in future.   My DM style is: Prepare a very serious and in-depth moral conundrum, and then ruin it with hilarious improvisation. I prefer to allow my players as much freedom to try things as possible, and I prefer to come up with random rolls and mechanics off the top of my head, rather than attempting to rules lawyer a more "official" way in the source material. I feel it breaks the action of the game up less that way, and often gives more flexibility to the characters. I do, however, reserve the right to go back on a ruling if a player devises a way to use a ruling in an obviously overpowered or unintended way. This also applies to the homebrew content - not all of it has been playtested well, or even at all, and it makes the game less fun for others to allow one player to dominate with an overpowered ability. Everyone who has chosen to use homebrew content knows this.   Aerilon is set just after the Dark War has come and gone, by far the bloodiest and most involved war Aerilon has ever known. At the Dark War's climax, a new continent was discovered, newly branded as the "New Worlds". Soon, a temporary peace treaty was signed, part of which barred any nation from owning any territory in the New Worlds. Independent city states began to spring up all around the New Worlds, bringing a wave of fresh trade, new technologies, and an era of peace as many of the nations of the Old Worlds began to prosper once again. But the seeds of fear and greed the Dark War planted are just beginning to sprout...

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