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The northern lands of Europa, consumed by an eerie and unnatural cold

Special thanks to Rosana Dos Santos Pinto for helping with the name for this location


"I do not wish to return home. Thanks to the Mörkjallt, the soil is hard and the wind is cold... No place for a person to live in."
— Élspakr "Él" Eindride, crewmember of the Maelstrom

After the Calamity, many supernatural events started and changed the face of the planet. One of them was a cold front that came down from the North of Europa, freezing everything in its path. It struck the northern lands in a matter of months, forcing the locals to move southwards to escape their death. This mass of cold molded the nations and communities nearby, and this uninhabitable land was named Mörkjallt, the Dark Cold.


As it covers a large area through different lands, the geography of the Mörkjallt is highly varied. From fjords to hills and forests to bogs, there is one characteristic consistent through the entirety of the Mörkjallt: ruins of the old civilization. Since the cold took over the North too quickly, the survivors of the Calamity didn't have the time to salvage the ruins like in much of the other parts of the world. Because of that, entire cities of the old world remain nearly intact in the depths of the Frozen North.

Fauna & Flora

Due to the harsh climate of the Mörkjallt, there are no creatures that can survive there. Even the flora is all but frozen deeper within the region. Still, the borders are still inhabitable, but just barely, with few bears, fishes, coniferous trees, bushes, and sparse settlements.

Natural Resources

It is hard to tell what exactly can be found in the deepest reaches of the Mörkjallt, as no one returns alive. But it is known that it holds the ruins of the pre-Calamity era, and it is certain that many objects of value are hidden under the ice. But one can hardly say the same about natural resources. Since life can hardly bloom in such harsh conditions, save for a few rare plants, there is only hope for minerals and ores, though no one in their sane mind would dare to explore and dig under such climate.

Alternative Name(s)
The Dark Cold
The Frozen North
Desert, Ice
Owning Organization

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