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Sheth N'Dar

Originally forged from the remnants of the ancient StarSingers elven kingdom, the Southern Kingdom is best known for resource and raw material production. In the early days of the kingdom, the types of production fell along traditional racial lines. Elves would work with wood and plants while dwarves would work with metal and stone.   Today, those racial divides are long gone. It is common for elves, humans and dwarves to work forges, farms and other crafts together. Racial competition has transitioned into a competition between trade-craft guilds. From time to time, those competitions can become somewhat heated. Price wars and interfering with trade and resource routes are common.   From time to time, this can also lead to outright war between guilds. It is not uncommon for a guild to send soldiers to seize control of another guild’s assets. A valuable mine, for instance, may change ownership 2 or 3 times over the course of a decade.   The government is generally content to leave the guilds to fight things out so long as the guilds in conflict follow two rules. First, fighting cannot be allowed to spill over into civilian areas. The law states that no civilian residences may be located within 3 miles of a mine or guild work site, so this is generally not a concern.   The second rule requires care on the part of the combatants. It states that no civilian workers, smiths, miners, etc may be harmed during such conflicts. If the government finds that the soldiers of a guild did not do all they could to avoid such deaths, they face seizure of the guild’s assets and property of the owners and soldiers involved. Those assets are auctioned off to the other guilds. From the proceeds of those auctions, a death benefit is paid to the families of the slain or injured workers that would see them live comfortably the remainder of their lives. Any remaining proceeds go into the government coffers.   Because of these rules, the soldiers have turned these conflicts into something of an art form. They train carefully to be able to hit their targets in amongst civilians. A forge worker told the story after one such battle that he stood in the middle of a hailstorm of arrows that killed six guards behind him and didn’t so much as cause the hair of his beard to twitch. The Southern Kingdom has a larger portion of elven and dwarven races.

Geopolitical, Kingdom

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