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Worldember Pledge Frozen Secrets

Exemplari require paths of study to follow yes, and we have those, though their may be secrets yet to be mastered, understood, or properly translated. However besides that they need stories, they need opportunities to rise forth, to answer the calls of boldness, exploration and both heroism or villiany.

My plan for World-Ember this year is a bold one. I have been slowly working on a new region, yet I am not currently ready to introduce a new nation, or explore the second realm of Valerick. It is not quite time, for first there must be a path, a story, a module if you will. This year for World Ember I wish to design a skeleton of a campaign or adventure for the setting for TTRPGs, set in a particular part of the nation of Suranth. It is my hope to create an interesting sort of 'adventure path' kind of layout, complete with plots, locations, npcs, items, monsters and more, that can form a narrative full campaign, but perhaps be spliced and utilized in sections as little stand alone adventures as well. This will obviously likely exceed 10000 words, however I know I may not finish this goal and so 10k words is my goal post.

The reason is I have unfortunately been attacked by life. My shoulder has been mangled, my left one. My collarbone may be broken, or some sort of other injury, such as a multi-fracture or complete dislocation, the x-rays were not clear and I await results of the other imaging tests and scans that were done. I hope it is not as serious as it feels, but needless to say it has put a lot of real world stress on myself and my partner, both for my health and the fear about fiscal safety and the like of course, as happens if someone is left in limbo, unable to apply yet for their injury coverage due to not having proper diagnostics of their injury to submit with the paperwork. So unfortunately once again, as seems to be a curse for me around this time of year, real life intends to make my participation a taxing effort, despite the fact that like Summer-Camp I love World-Ember and love th community sense of it, and wish to participate heavily. So I hope I can manage that in spite of this difficult hurdle life has thrown at me.

This adventure will be taking place in and around the Tir-Gach Highlands Region of Suranth, including spending some notable time in and around the capital of Geata-Iarainn, which I hope to explore in more depth, including its many and varied districts, some of its more interesting and strange locales, some of its various factions and many many more. All and all, it is an ambitious project, and we shall see how far along it I manage to get. I think I can easily hit the 10k words goal, but beyond that whom truly knows. I will not hold myself too accountable beyond that given my real life situation detailed above, but I will be doing my best to throw myself into the work and the spirit of World-Ember, as much like Summercamp, this community, and this event, I find very...invigorating and almost mentally healing.


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Nov 6, 2023 19:01

That sounds like quite the ambitious project, looking forward to read more about it.

Sit down, my friend, and let me tell you of Aran'sha . A world where the sands shift and the stars sing, where the wind carries secrets and the twin moons keep silent vigil over it all.