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Testimony from Beyond

"Divine Judge I call upon thee to bless me now, and to offer this soul a chance to offer their final testimony. If such an opportunity was not granted to them, or worse, was taken from them unjustly, I implore you in your wisdom to allow them to speak now, to offer their final testimony from beyond. I solemnly take upon myself the duty of bearing witness, in accordance to our duties as followers of your Divine Laws.

Offering Final Testimony


Basic Effects: The creature, if capable of speech in life, will speak its full name, for the record, of which there will be one, a piece of parchment appearing to the left of this short discussion, transcribing faithfully every word. You have 1 minute to have discourse with the deceased individual, to ask a question or two of a targeted nature, or simply to confirm method and cause of death out of suspicion of foul play. The creature will be bluntly honest, though it can tell you nothing more than what it knew in life (so if a murder victim did not see their assailant....you see where this goes). Once this prayer ends, the transcript rolls up, and slips itself, perfectly sealed with a wax seal and the symbol of Deat-Kra, into your left hand. If opened and looked upon, the official looking documentation will bear the signature 'Divine Judge' on the line for a witness, and should be accepted as valid testimony, perhaps barring priestly inspection, immediately. So long as the seal was unbroken. Once this prayer has been used on a corpse, it cannot be used again on that corpse by you or anyone else. No one has any right to demand final testimony from the fallen more than once, and the dead are, by Deat-Kra's own code, beyond the need of cross-examination.

Side/Secondary Effects

Tier II Effects: You now have two minutes with the deceased.

Tier III Effects: You now have three minutes with the deceased.


As you finish your prayer, the body rattles, air wheezing from it, though you know it is not alive and needs not draw breath. It is merely...a remnant, a brief moment of leftover consciousness available for discourse to those whom know how to reach them. As the wheezing ends, it begins to speak in a raspy and rough voice, stating their name, as per the demands of the ritual. Time is short, as it always is with such potential victims and witnesses, so take a breath, and begin, knowing you need to be sharp, to the point and conscise.
Gestures & Ritual
Prayer TN: 20, Tier II: 25, Tier III: 30
Related Discipline
Prayer (Deat-Kra)
Effect Duration
1 minute
Effect Casting Time
1 action
Applied Restriction
Target: A dead creature, deceased no longer than 7 days.


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