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Raechin, the Wylde Frontiers

"South of the Fell Crags, as one leaves the dominance of the Depen and heads east the terrain begins to noticeably change. Not so much in the general, for it is still thick forests and woodlands. However the altitude begins to change noticeably and with purpose. The Raechin Frontier references the entire third of the Durolian continent known as the Nor'wood Highlands, a hilly and rocky hinterland that presents many unique challenges to the peoples whom call it home, and likely plays a dominate role in the continuation of a feudalism type structure within the nation of Raechin now to this day. More than any other place on the continent of Durol the various populated regions here are seperated by vast tracts of difficult terrain and wilderness, connected often at best with but one or two under-patrolled and under defended roadways, and of course the rail system. It is truly the lands of the Wylde Frontiers. However though the truth of the matter, this region is actually home to a number of biomes of note, including a large swath of wild plains, as well as the continuing marshes of the Nor'wood Basin, which still have a naturally higher elevation than most of the Frontier, though rivers do flow from it south into lower valleys and regions of the nation. This unique geography, also sees Raechin having long winters with heavy snowfall, heavier than Depenwood or Raechin. They do not get near as deadly cold as Suranth, but the snowstorms that form over the Highlands? Are known for being capable of dumping several meters of snow in only a handful of hourse over anywhere that they travel. These Highland Clippers are just another example of how Durol stands as a continent of cold weather extremes."


Fed heavily by the Nordjeim Spires and the glacial runoff from these monstrous remnants of the glaciers that used to cover all of Durol, the Fell Crags give way quickly to the Nor'wood Basin, a massive and expansive boggy and swampy stetch of land that acts a the second layer of the natural border between Raechin and her northern neighbor Suranth. As one comes out of the basin into the highlands proper, the vast mixed forests of the Bearwood, or the eastern most sections of the Depen greet you. These vast tracts of woodlands, dense forests, are markably split by the massive Bearwood lake, and its runoff to the sea, the Salmon Run River. The Depen remains more lowland forest, the hills and rocky terrain not really taking over until you cross Salmon's Run. However as one follows the Run, this large and important river passes along the western edge of the grassland and farmland heart of Raechin, the Whispering Plains.

The Whispering Plains get their name for the crosswinds that see a steady whispering wind always blowing over the region, as if singing. Either southernly winds off the ocean, or more wild and spirited winds coming down through the forests from the nearby mountain ranges. The plains have little to no water sources, yet are excellent farmland, as it rains around this region consistently at least two days a week. This is driven by a southernly air current, which drives clouds and precipitation into the plains regularly. As one moves east and north from the Whispering Plains and across the Coalhead River, you will find yourself amongst the Bearwood, which dominates the central and eastern regions of Raechin. However at the southern edge, protruding defiantly out into the ocean, the small Forgehead Mountain range dominates the landscape. These old mountains are smaller than the Fell Crags or Smokestacks, noticeably so, but are mineral rich and valuable all the same, and yet hold many of their secrets.

Along the north-eastern coastline, running around the Fell Crags and up into Suranth, one will find the Needlewood, a forest named for its abundance of tangled undergrowth that grows barbs and spines, such as nettles, creepers and dangerous predatory plants like Assassin's Vines or Spine-Seeker Vines. Along the western and south edge of the Needlewood, a skinny and tall mountain range stands, running up to Lake Blackstone where it becomes distinctly seperate from the Fell Crags. Known as the Smoke-Stacks, this range gets its name for the abundance of coal deposits that have been discovered here.


Raechin, like her neighbors, is a temperate to sub-arctic climate zone, and as such, the ecosystem and its dynamics play to that rhythm much as they do in Depenwood, and somewhat comparable to Suranth as well. With the forested highlands being such a dominant biome here, the comparisons are best made to Depenwood, as one might expect.

Natural Resources

Timber from the vast forests are naturally the dominant industry and dominant natural resource in Raechin. Whether it be for lumber, for papermills, shipyards or other large scale needs. However one cannot ignore the farmlands of the Whispering Plains, the booming agricultural heartland also provides heavily with corn, potatoes, squash, onions, carrots and radishes or turnips being the most dominant crops grown here. Earthen minerals and quality stone; limestone, granite and marble are all quarried here in some amounts, as well as silver and iron in the Forgehead Range. Finally all along the Smoke-Stacks are many booming and large coal mining operations with no end to their deposits in sight. All this plays well in a combination that sees Raechin, despite its fractured feudal structure, as arguably the wealthiest nation when it comes to raw natural resources on the Durolian Continent, the geography of the region providing plentiful bounty even for all its challenges.
Raechin, The Wylde Frontiers

A map of the nation of Raechin.
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Raechin Highlands
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