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Founding of the Freebooter's Republic

Rejoice one and all, for now Mora lies united. No longer shall the various freebooter factions spar and raid, burn and pillage. No longer will Mora lay a lawless land, known only as a haven for criminals, pirates, raiders and worse. The five captains have spoken, Tortuga has been named their cove, their seat of power, and now the ocean be ours! Let us rise with the waves, the Freebooter's Republic!!!

The founding legislation and declaration of Mora, the last of the nine nations to come together and form into a singular entity, is a storied and wild one, filled with tales of drunken debates, high sea shennigans, vicious naval engagements, raiding, plundering, pillaging and pirating. Through all of it, the two dozen or so factions of the jungle and multi-island region knew that at the end, there would be something resembling a government. Their had to be, if they wished to keep their proud, if criminal, heritage and their lands and their privateering ways. It was a journey to get there, and the full articles, though a lengthy thing to read, are perhaps some of the most interesting legislative texts one could ever indulge in, outlining all manner of wild and...unique legislative policies, including matters as colorful as;

  • Privateering, Rights and Permissions: Outlining the various rules of engagement, which nations trade ships are fair game, what sort of limitations, where one can check on the latest treaties and agreements on a national level, and many more such mundane items, so one can privateer without fear of interfering with diplomatic relations.

  • Privateering, the extent of Morian Protection: This part of the documents outlines the protections, and lack thereof, that Mora will provide to Privateers caught and arrested by nations who's trade vessels they have offended. It mostly reads like a very technical and legalese version of You're on your own mate!

All this was announced, as one might expect, by the first High Captain, Anders Jackdaw, in the year 1051 SuD.
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