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Blessing of Life

Though wounded, we stand.
Though wounded, I serve.
I am a faithful member of the pack
My charges are under my protection,
And so I beseech thee, Huntmaster,
Lend me but a touch of Life,
So the injured and hurt may drink deep its power,
And be revitalized for the hunts to come.


Basic Effects: You heal the target for 2d8 Wounds.

Side/Secondary Effects

Tier II Effects: Healing becomes 4d8 wounds.

Tier III Effects: Healing becomes 6d8 wounds.


Ragnar moved swiftly to Thorvold's side, the dwarf letting out a raking cough, blood spattering from his mouth all about his now mangled breastplate. "Ach," he weezed, letting out a raspy chuckle, "That un hurt a wee bit, can't deny it. Should 'ave been payin' more attention, got what I deserve. How a dwarf warrior let a damned Slickback sneak up on 'im. Damned things are nary nine foot tall, squeal like demons and shake the ground. Damn ratkin, hate em all."

Ragnar smiled, even as he muttered to himself the passages of the blessing, feeling the energy of life flow through his fingers into the dwarf. "Aye Thorvold, you need to keep sharper, I may not be as quick next time." the priest berated with a friendly grin, as the worst of the gut wound closed up, the ribs cracking and shifting back in line, if not healing completely from the force of the blow. Where once there was a shattered rib cage, now was there but scarring and the angriest band of bruising you had ever seen. "On your feet my friend, you'll not die this day, but the walk out of here will be quite painful. Let us leave this foul place and put it to the torch."
Gestures & Ritual
Prayer TN: 12, Tier II: 17, Tier III: 23
Related Discipline
Prayer (Boran the Bloodhound)
Effect Duration
Effect Casting Time
1 actions
Applied Restriction
Target: A willing creature you touch, or yourself.


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