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Blessing of Law

While the innocent do not fear, the guilty quake under our gaze. So it is written, so should it be. Let my gaze bare forth the truth of all around me, let me see their crimes or lack thereof. Give me the knowledge to wield, and I shall wield it well. Divine Judge I seek your consul and your wisdom, show me the truth of those I cast my gaze upon around me.

Blessing of the Lawman


Basic Effects: Grants you the Judge's Gaze Action option for the duration. Judge's Gaze: At the cost of 1 action, you may turn your gaze upon anyone within 30 feet of you, and seem to almost stare into their very soul. They must attempt a Sagacity Defensive Test. If they fail, you see into their very essence, your gaze quite discomforting, and you see flashes of their life, in particular, any crimes they may have committed, big and small. If successful however, you do not see much of anything. A child taking off with a pie a neighbor left out cooling perhaps, small misdemeanor affairs of that nature, but nothing more recent or substantial. Those whom fail their test are also marked to you for the duration, seeming to have a slight blue glow to them. Furthermore, if the subject is capable of casting Arcane Magick, should they fail their defensive test, you immediately know if they are a licensed magister, or an apostate. You may only use this action 1/round

Side/Secondary Effects

Tier II Effects: The range is now 60 feet. You may now utilize this action 2/round.

Tier III Effects: The range is now 90 feet. You may now utilize this action 3/round.


As you finish your prayer, you feel the Divine Judge's barest presence in your mind, as you feel your focus tightening, the inner strength of character and commitment within you becoming empowered. Your gaze focuses, your mind tightens, as you focus your sights on those around you, letting your gaze fall upon each for a few moments, letting the divine energy pierce them, their very identity. No one is ever purely innocent, yet there is always room for forgiveness with Deat-Kra, and so most you may ignore, as you move your gaze from person to person, seeking only those guilty of serious offences.
Gestures & Ritual
Prayer TN: 14, Tier II: 19, Tier III: 24
Related Discipline
Prayer (Deat-Kra)
Effect Duration
Maintained up to 7 hours
Effect Casting Time
1 minute
Applied Restriction
Special: This prayer grants you a unique action for its duration. The Judge's Gaze which you may only utilize 1 per round and has a range of 30 feet.


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