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Blessing of Justice

We all demand justice, but so few are willing to face it. This soul comes to me now seeking repentence and to be cleansed of their corruption. They seek forgiveness, they seek repentence, and they seek to accept justice. I bid thee now, Divine Judge, let them start this process with us. Let us grant justice, let us have them pay a price for their wrongs, so they may continue down the path of forgiveness. Grant me now your touch, the power of your gavel, and let me be the conduit for Justice to be visited upon this soul.

The Rite of Justice


Basic Effects: The target removes all corruption from their soul upon your touch, however for every point of corruption thus removed, they take 1d12 lightning damage and 1d12 radiant damage. Forgiveness is not free. Justice must always be served, there must always be a price for wrongdoing. Such is the order of the natural balance. If the target would be killed, they are killed. Some crimes are to great for forgiveness to be given to the living.

Side/Secondary Effects

Tier II Effects: Reduce the damage per corruption point removed to 1d8 lightning and 1d8 radiant.

Tier III Effects: Reduce the damage per corruption point removed to 1d4 lightning and 1d4 radiant.


You feel the Divine Power flowing through you, the righteousness of holy judgement, the explicit imbuement of permission to be the vessel for adjudication of this individual. You feel the power compel you, as you lay your hand upon the target, letting the power crackle forth from within you. Justice given form it seems, comes in the power and ferocity of lightning.
Gestures & Ritual
Prayer TN: 12, Tier II: 17, Tier III: 22
Related Discipline
Prayer (Deat-Kra)
Effect Duration
Effect Casting Time
1 action
Applied Restriction
Target: Yourself, or one willing and consenting creature.

Special: This prayer will need to be....reworked and sort of adapted to any game or setting not utilizing the Corruption optional rules of the Adventures in Valerick TTRPG. If for example using a simpler alignment based system similar to something like 5e, you would need to adjust, adapt or entirely change this prayer as it wouldn't work properly. There are many ways one could adjust this, it could be scaled via a different numeric tracking system for something like alignment, it could be straight levels, it could work off any method of arbitration you and your GM may decide.


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