evil animal people


There is no being that I find more abhorrent than the nartel. Nartel are lahks who have taken part in a series of cruel ritualistic spells centered around eating their totem. This act changes them physically, and they develop monstrous features that reflect twisted versions of their totem. Thus, spider-nartel have extra limbs, bear-nartel are large and have claws, snake-nartel have scales and fangs... It is unnatural for lahk's to consume their family this way. Yet nartel justify their evil by claiming that because there is a way to become powerful versions of ourselves through our totem, that it is our destiny to do so. Of further disgust, is that the need to eat their totem does not go away. They need to continue feeding themselves with their brethren to remain sane and even healthy. If I had my way, I would starve every nartel of this addiction they created for themselves. I would stand by and let their mind and body unravel until there is nothing left of them. It is no less than they deserve for their betrayal.


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