I hope that one day you will see a ghandarva in person, as they are quite a sight to behold. They are elusive jungle creatures that live among their own kind in groves of their own making. They are friendly towards other jungle fairies and creatures, but mistrustful of people and the bustling cities that some of us live in. You can sometimes find them wandering curiously through small villages at night, though they will likely scatter if they think they are being watched. Still, meeting and talking with a ghandarva while strolling through the jungle is not altogether uncommon, just do not expect their words to be kind. Ghandarvas have human torsos that lead into bodies that are shaped like deer. They have angular faces, antlers, and wooden skin. Even more bizarre is that there are often flowers growing off random parts of them, and if you happen to see the same ghandarva more than once, you might not realize it as the flowers can change. Ghandarvas are very protective of their home. If anything strange is happening in their territory they are the first to find out about it. More elusive than them are the groves they live in. Even explorers who seek them out have yet to find one.