Crow-Lahks of Adijari


Crow-Lahks are very versatile in where they live. There are crow-lahks living all over Adijari. They are a natural ally to have within Menagerie Kingdoms. With the great variety for specialization within Crow-Magic, Crow-Lahks often adapt to a set of skills within their range that fits where they live.

Crow Magic

The Crow tribe is adept at crafting disguises from the elements of the earth. It is easiest for them to imitate other qui-lahks by creating false tattoos and subtly coloring their skin and hair. They are also adept at language magic. When talking to one another in a crowd, through inflections and sounds that most people miss, crow lahks can have secret conversations within conversations. There is even limited potential for them to understand the primal language of creation that only elven druids know, granting them the ability to cast powerful spells through their voice. With such a particular range of skills, crow-lahks are mistrusted as much as they are revered for their cunning.


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