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Blood Ox

Created by Elias Redclaw
" Ahh, the good old blood oxen. Cute, friendly and incredibly useful to us Cadmeians. For centuries, these big bulky fellas have served us well, and i think we should be grateful to them for that"   Attributed to a Cadmeian villager
Blood oxen are the most common species of mammals found across Cadmeia. Being one of the most common animals on Cadmeia, it is also used as the main beast of burden across all of Cadmeia due to its adaptations to the rugged and cold climate of the planet. For centuries, this simple animal has fuliflled its role as a beast of burden and also as a common source of food for the entire planet. The fabled blood oxen burgers are also made from the meat of Cadmeian blood oxen.

Basic Information


The Blood Ox is a large and hardy bovine animal coming from the world of Cadmeia. Bearing an uncanny similiarity with the Yaks of old Earth, it has served its purpose to the people of Cadmeia well. It is a muscular creature that stands large and tall, even taller than the Cadmeians themselves. Its bones are hard and can withstand a tremendous amount of punishment.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The Blood oxen is renowned for its extremely well developed hearing and smell, due to its nostrils having more sensory parts than the ones of humans. In the case of sight, the Blood oxen can see a human from over half a kilometre away and can even see in the ultraviolet specturm
Scientific Name
Bovus Sanguinis
Conservation Status
After the fall of Cadmeia, Bovus Sanguinis is a critically endangered species

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Author's Notes

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Jul 11, 2019 17:41 by Stormbril

I was curious about what kind of animal you'd write about for Cadmeia! I didn't expect an Ox! Do people take it aboard ships for space travel? Are there like, livestock holds on the spacecraft for storing these Ox?   Did they try to spread the Blood Ox about the solar system, to other planets?   Great article Blood, I appreciate how short and compact it is -- fitting in plenty of information into a small space!

Jul 12, 2019 07:00 by Emperor Charles II

Hello, it's a friendly feedback wizard here to give you some Blood-Ox-related constructive feedback.   Is that an example of an ox near where you live? I remember you live in India but I can't remember what part...Either way, wonderful image that gives people an idea of what we're looking at in the article.   One thing I would love to hear about is why they are called Blood Oxen? I don't seem to see this from the article itself so I'm curious. Also, what do Blood Ox burgers taste like :D   Anyways, I need to go to sleep. Don't forget to show love to everyone you meet and see you later :)