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Jimbo's Nightclub

I do not own any images used in this article, images that can be credited, will be credited.   Menu was made with the help of dndspeak; - Tall Duffy's Design Origin
A nightclub of the industrial sector for the kingdom based in the plains, known as Ebermold. The nightclub is technically owned under the Cult of Rakdos, with it's leader being Rakdos, the Defiler, however, it was both founded and currently ran by a new recruit, a bardic skeleton who goes simply by the name of 'Jimbo' . It was originally a factory for ropemaking, but had been renovated during FL 4, into the nightclub it is today. Although the building is intended to be a nightclub, over the time of it's release, it has been turned into a menagerie of a tavern, hotel, bar, and nightclub.
  The actual building itself is made up of a large, open hall with balconies and multiple stories, with booths and bar tables lining the walls. There is also a secondary hall in the main area, meant for members of the nightclub. There is many more exquisite items to buy here, and greater events that occur. These events can include gambling at high stakes, to fighting to earn ranks within the nightclub, or just free drinks. However, there is also a secret basement for the most high ranking members of the Rakdos Cult to enter, primarily to keep in check the Sire of Insanity, who was positioned to feed off of the entertainment of customers.
  Though, the main intention for the building is to bring happiness and fun to the citizens of Ebermold. It's quite cheap to enter and most drinks are affordable to all classes. This has garnered it more attention, it's business thriving for most people due to this.


Jimbo is a skeleton bard of the infamous adventuring group known as 'Dungeons and Dickheads' . His work in the group is to primarily be the support, but he has proven himself many times that he makes a sufficient tactician and spokesman of the party. He is also the owner of many items and artefacts with magical properties imbued into them, such as a set of armour made of bones, which turns the short skeleton into a much taller individual, along with great defensive abilities. On his adventures he has received many other magical items, which can be both major and minor in their magical greatness.
  Jimbo has always had a love for partying, during his time as a prisoner to Hades, he often had fun with the other deceased. He had managed to leave early too, which left him in a desire for more fun. Upon founding the nightclub, Jimbo got to work on making it the most entertaining business in town.


Tall Duffy

  Kyle Duffy, nicknamed "Tall Duffy" due to constantly hitting hanging objects, is a human who works at Jimbo's Nightclub. His role is to be one of the waiters. He was one of the first people who were employed at Jimbo's Nightclub. He joined the Cult of Rakdos soon after, due to his finding of a lost magical item of the guild's, being a Moonlight Pendant, which can tell the attuned owner what moon cycle the moon is in, if there is any lunar event, and what time of day it is. Duffy also has desires to get into a relationship with one of the other servers at the nightclub, being the centaur Levina. His main aspiration is to ride off into the sunset with Levina one day, and leave the city life behind.


  An ex-executioner for Ebermold, and a current waitress still in her armour as it fits the Rakdos aesthetic, Levina works at the nightclub due to it being near where she lives, and it's an easy source of money. She enjoys the job, and gets paid quite well due to being able to stack dishes on her body. She often assists in the VIP areas, due to her threatening manner and halberd. Her halberd has a minor magical property too, with the ability to extend out into a lance. She doesn't have any skill in music, or creative arts, but she enjoys her time at the nightclub talking with locals, or Duffy.

Ghegus, the Chef that Hunts

  A cook for Jimbo's Nightclub, this hunter has settled down a side job at night to pay off a loan. Ghegus gets most of his ingredients himself, and often goes on hunting trips with the other workers. He's quite grumpy in mornings, and so he chooses to stay off on morning shifts, but has a soft spot towards free spirited individuals, who often come at night. This is primarily due to Ghegus' late wife being free spirited, causing him to reminisce on old times. He wields an axe with a bladed, rigid side to it, for cutting through meats. 




  Bud Heavy - A standard drink manufactured in a distant nation, with a cheap taste and a mild aftertaste. It has an inability to make anyone drunk, unless consuming a ridiculous amount, probably one's body weight.
The Flaming Dragon - A spicy beer that causes the user to breathe fire when they burp.
  Insom's Ale - has same effects as a long rest, calming.
  The Maiden’s Ass - a quadruple beer, served in a bottle with a donkey and a pretty girl on the label. Sweet but strong.
  Bonebrew - A sweet yet oddly meaty cocktail, made with blue rum, raspberries, and a small amount of bone marrow.
  Bloodied Mary - A drink for the more carnivorous, it is quite literally a steak in a glass.


  Deep Fried Drake Tail - Self explanatory, a tail of a drake, served either as green or blue, from one of the Drakes of the plains to the South Pole.
  Kito's Spiced Potatoes - A recipe from the distant realm Ysgard, with heavy amounts of salt as most fighters have with their meal.
  Smoked Owlbear Streaks - Owlbear meat which has been smoked, and served usually in the morning, with eggs.
  Mimic Tongues - Tongue of a mimic, garnished with local herbs, spices, and sauces, to be served as a side dish.
  Smoked Fresh Trout Fillets - From the local river, trout that is served with a variety of vegetables.
  Beef in Ginger & Cinnamon - A rich beef which is decorated with the cinnamon made by the Cinnamon King, Rendar.


  Ochre Jelly - A butterscotch pie served with a lemon jelly, which is separated into two pieces, one on the side, and one on top.
  Candied Apples - Half a dozen, fresh apples from a nearby garden, dipped in a sweet syrup.
  Gingerbread Dragons - A large cookie made to look like a red dragon, coated with scarlet icing and a small, delicate pattern.
  Cherrybread - A sweet loaf of bread, sliced up, with cherries and mixed berries used to fill the loaf.
  Bard's End - A cold, crushed up meringue served with fruit icicles, heavy cream, and a small homage to Jimbo, when he first died, in the form of a message on the plate it is served on.
  Goodberry Nibbles - A set of goodberries mixed with chocolate, turned into a sweet selection of chocolate chips, mixed in with oats and cookie dough to make Goodberry Nibbles, a meal loved by the locals.
Characters in Location

Magical Items

  This is a list of all magical items that are located in Jimbo's Nightclub;   Bloodmoon Pendant - A small, glowing pendant that belongs to Tall Duffy, which can tell what shape the moon is, what time of day it is, and what the next lunar event is, corresponding to their appearances. 
  Advancing Rock - A red rock, in the shape of an icosahedron, which if held by an attacking individual, can allow for them to reroll an attack, if they miss. If they miss a second time, the rock crumbles into ash. 
  Printsight Shades -  An item belonging to one of the bouncers, Printsight Shades are normal sunglasses, but when the command word, in this case, 'halt' , is spoken, allows it's user to see any set of tracks of humanoids. 
  Bone Armour - This strange suit of armor appears to be made of bones. It is in fact a carapace from an ossified exoskeleton that sports insect-like traits. Upon being attuned, it attaches tightly to its wearer's body and changes one of the wearer's hands into a living blaster. 
  Grasping Maw. One of your arms becomes a fanged bone worm. Items held in this hand cannot be disarmed and you gain advantage in checks to grapple creatures smaller than you. If you make unarmed strikes with this arm, you deal 1d4 additional piercing damage on a hit. 
  Bone Blast. With your fanged bone worm arm, you can shoot shards of bone at enemies. You can utilize your bone arm to make ranged weapon attacks. Your hand must be free to do so, and the weapon uses the same statistics as a hand crossbow, but it does not require ammunition or loading. 
  Signet of Jimbo - A small skull with jester symbols covering it, the Signet of Jimbo holds as a commanding object for his Sire of Insanity, and is used by a few of his other workers to stop the Sire from breaking loose and destroying the nightclub. 
  Sofa of the Abyss - A 3 seated sofa which has a portal between the cushions, which leads to the first layer of the abyss. It was used by many demon lords who has visited the nightclub, being Baphomet , Rakdos, the Defiler , and Orcus. 
  Rigid Chopper - The hunting weapon of Ghegus, used for cooking and hunting. 


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