Lazarus Nanites

"This is just a bag of black sand! How is it supposed to... Oh. Oh my god!"
  Lazarus Nanites were the latest and greatest in medical technology. Designed and made by Kedrex Systems, they have the seemingly miraculous ability to bring a dead person or animal back to life. They were only introduced into the market shortly before the Apocalypse that ravaged Aaltiera's surface, and only a limited amount of these coveted nanites remain.   Taking on the appearance of a small bag of black sand, it is easy to miss the true nature of these nanites, especially if the bag is unlabeled.   However, with the ever present Electromagnetic haze scrambling the Nanites' communications with each other, the formerly dead are never quite the same again...  
"The rumours of my death have been somewhat exaggerated."

Any dead player character may have a bag of Lazarus Nanites dumped over them to return them to life. This will permanently consume the bag of nanites.   Returning to life takes 8 hours, and at the end of that duration, the player character becomes alive with one single hit point.   Dying is a traumatic experience. If the player character does not already have a mental flaw originating from dying, roll one from the relevant table (TODO). In addition, the nanites have a liberal interpretation of what a healthy, living person is supposed to look like. Roll a new physical mutation from the relevant table (TODO).
Item type
Related Technologies
Extremely rare
0.1 kg
Side effects may include, but are not limited to: [REDACTED], [REDACTED], [REDACTED], [REDACTED], and [REDACTED]. LazarusTM Nanites may not be suitable for everyone. Please consult a doctor before attempting to resurrect yourself. If death persists after use, please consult a doctor. 0-3 sad onions.
— Printed on the bag.

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