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Honey Glazed Basilisk Steak

The food of kings and queens

Why I chose to be a bestianader? Why for the basilisk meat of course! Have you ever eaten it? No of course not! You are not a king or a bestianader! But I slay monsters like basilsiks for a living so I have eaten more basilisk then most high nobles of the kingdom!   /Professional bestianader on why he chose to hunt monsters for a living
  One of the many ways basilisk is cooked. This is the most tender, juicy and naturally spicy meat in existence. And this steak is made whit only the best cuts of the deadly baby dragon. Only the richest men and women in the world can ever afford to bye this meat. Those all basilisk meat is the food of kings and queens.   And those whom slay a basilisk of coarse. It is custom that once a basilisk is slain it's slayer(s) gets to eat one of this steaks.  


  • One perfectly cut piece of basilisk meat. Anywhere below the head to the end of the tail will do.
  • A few spoonfuls of honey. Their are those whom have tried to eat basilisk whit out something sweet or dairy. And tho still delicious most of them needed something to deal whit the spiciness of the meat.
  • Serve whit salted potatoes or whit bread.


Basilisk meat is somewhat tricky to cook. As it is easy to overcook. If overcooked the meat becomes next to inedible as the meat grows leathery like an old boot. So just a few minutes over hot embers will do.   Once the meat it done you cower in a fine layer of honey on both sides. Served whit red wine or brandy.  

When Served

When eaten by a basilisk slayer this steaks are eaten at the camp fire in reverence of the slain beast and any fallen comrades. At this times the steak is eaten whit the slayers bare hands, or whit a hunting knife.   When eaten at court it is the high point of the banquet eaten only by the highest ranking persons present. More often then not only the king, jarl, prince, priarch or whomever is the ruler of the court and his/her kin are given this most exclusive meal. At this time this steaks are eaten whit the finest of silverware on the palace finest plates.
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink

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20 Oct, 2018 10:20

What a mouthwateringly exquisite dish! Is this a seasonal dish or available all year round?

Creator of the dark fantasy world of Melior
I also make worldbuilding resources!
20 Oct, 2018 10:51

Its more a question of finding a basilisk then season. So yes, it is all year round

9 Oct, 2019 14:30

I'm linking this to my Basilisk meat Article. I love it