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God of All (a.k.a. The Father or the Holy Father)

Oh, Father lead me to your light. Grant me the power to overcome the worlds evil.
And grant me the wisdom to be kind to those in need, as you see all that suffer.
And mercy full to those whom are evil, as you are mercy full to us all even in our sin.
Oh, Father grant me of your wisdom, so that I might see how I can better this world.
For yours is the wisdom, the strength and the glory in all eternity.   /Prayer for wisdom and strength
  The Allfather is one of the true gods according to Baltazarism. He is the father of all life and created the world together whit his wife the Allmother. This two are described as a pair of perfect beings made out of golden light. The Father is the sterner of the two and wants us mortals to grow and become greater then we are at birth.   He is the keeper of wisdom. The judge of courage and humility. He guides the mortals to do what is right, even when it is hard. And he grows disappointed when we fail to turn away from evil.

Divine Domains

As the one true god he has dominion over all things. Tho much of his power lay in:   Strength - Tho both the Allfather and Allmother gives strength to their children to live at their birth it is the Allfather that gives them the strength to do what is right.   Wisdom - The Allfather sees all and therefore guides his children through life. Those whom listens to his voice will prosper and those whom ignore him will cast themselves into darkness.   Insight - The father gives his children the wisdom to understand themselves and those see what they can and can not change in the world. But he does not force them to use this sight, and many chose to live whit there eyes closed.   Divine Judgment - At the end of a persons life they will have to stand before the Allfather and hear his judgment of their life. Those whom prove themselves to be good are given leave to enter Eden. Those whom fail have their souls cast out and are forced to live another life on the earth.

Holy Books & Codes

There are a three texts written by the first Baltazariens. This texts are:   The Song of Divine Love - Written by the Prophet Baltazar himself. It describes the Allfather and Allmother and the visions the Prophet where given by them. Outlining the core beliefs of the Baltazarien faith and its values.   The Crown of Light - Written by Baltazars youngest son, Alderune. It declares the worship of his elder brother Siaman, the First Patriarch, to be a false practice. It also proclaims that the Holy Father and Holy Mother shall chose a king from among there followers.   The Crown of Demons - Written by Baltazars oldest son, Siaman. It denounces "The Crown of Ligh" and Alderune as heretics. It also proclaims that the Holy Father and Holy Mother are reborn to the earth whit in Siaman and his wife, and that they will do so again and again till the end of time.

Tenets of Faith

Tho both gods of Baltazarism faith want their children to follow all of the six Virtues, the Allfather is the one whom commanded Baltazar to teach his followers about; Wisdom, Humility and Courage.  


My children most seek wisdom. For wisdom is the path to understanding. And understanding is the gate to peace. And only in peace can mankind find their true greatness and glory.


My children most be humble in the face of creation. For they are only a small part of creation. And tho their place in it is of the greatest importance so is all other things. The sun may be greater then the moon, but whit out the moon the sun is noting. So it also is whit mankind and the earth.


My children most have courage in their hearts. For the wicked and evil will always be. Therefore my children most have the courage to stand up and fight for that which is good! For that is what it is to be my champion. You most stand and face that which has the power to be cruel and stop it from spreading, be it whit words or whit a sword.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

To lead his children towards a better life and the reward that is Eden. His followers believe that he does this by making signs for his children to follow. He is also believed to at times come to his children in the guise of simple stranger that gives them some sort of advice.


Family Ties

Married to the Allmother



Prophet (Vital)

Towards Allfather




God (Vital)

Towards Baltazar



Divine Classification
The One True God
Biological Sex

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