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Thunderbird Mountain Compass

A small, round metal device with a needle inside that is fixed in the middle. The device is enchanted with some ancient magic that is tuned with the magical radiation of the thunderbird mountain pocket dimension. On the back of the device there are two letters carved in. The letters are not of the Latin or any script known on Earth. It is assumed to be the initials of the creator or the person who got it as a gift.   How the compass works exactly is impossible to tell. When measurements are taken with natural devices it doesnt have any of the properties a normal compass would have. The needle is not magnetic at all. However, when used with sensors that can detect magic it is clear that it is enchanted with some very intricate and powerful magic to detect the enhance the faintest traces of magic and point in the direction it came from.   Attempts to reproduce this item have all failed so far. It is very useful to find the mountain, but it might be possible to detect and find rifts to other dimensions this way. Many enchanters and sorcers have studied it but with not further insights. The magic is so foreign that nobody can understand it.   The compass was found by Mazariin Tuft. It fell from the sky while she was skiing in the Mountains. And has been in her possession ever since. She was the first to discover the thunderbird mountain and explore it with a team brave enough to fly there in a plane.   Once the compass is on the mountain it does not stop working. Instead it changes "polarity" and points back to the world the person carrying came from. This means the compass is absolutely curcial if you want to visit the mountains and not get absolutely lost.
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