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Raquette Lake

A large lake in the Adirondack Mountains. The lake is used for various water sports activities throughout summer. In winter the natives and tourists know to avoid the lake. The lake is surrounded by moutnains and pine forests. It is close to the town of the name Raquette Lake.  

Winter Storms

During the winter the lake is constantly surrounded by strong but localized snow storms. The water of the lake is never fully frozen because of the strong movements and currents. This phenomenon starts each year in early december and ends at the end of february.   The reason for these storms is unknown. Many mystics and druids have already tried to find the cause of these storms but were all unsuccessful. The most common believe is that there is a ghost or spirit in the lake which torments the region during the winter months. The natives have attempted to exorcise and appease the this creature many times but with no success so far.   Every year a number of tourists and journalists come to the town to see these storms with their own eyes. Due to the localized nature of the storms it is possible to get very close to them and only feeling a light breeze while the winds within the storm can reach speeds of up to 150 km / h.  

Hunter's Guild

Since 2017 the Hunter's Guild has stationed a team of researchers and experts at the lake each winter. What exactly they are doing there is unknown as they have not made any public statements on any kind of progress in resolving the mystery.
19.93 km2
Primary outflow
Raquette River
Harding Island
Big Island
Inman Island
Osprey Island
Hen and Chicken Islands
Beecher Island
St. Hubert Island
Strawberry Island
Needle Island

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