Cessna 402C Wreck

A plane wreck in the Jay Mountain Wilderness Area which crashed on the 9th of September 2009. It is overgrown with plants to an extend where it is hard to spot from afar. It is a few hundred meters north of Arnold Mountain. The site can be reached with the Seventy Lane trail which was extended to enable people to reach the wreck. There is a small stone memorial plate which tells of the tragedy that occured here.

First Investigation

The cause of the crash was not determined for several years. A report was released that detailed some of the circumstances of the crash. The plane was on route from John F. Kennedy International Airport to Adirondack Regional Airport and crashed somewhere above the Jay Mountain Wilderness Area. It futher went into causes of the crash which could be summarized as technical failure. However, since all checks had been done nobody was found at fault for this failure. The story was published in several local and regional news papers but did not gain much traction beyond that.   An internal report created by the Civil Aviation Investigation Task Force stated that the plane was damaged by a series of sudden micro-thunderstorms and lightning strikes. From the black box data and recordings of the pilots chatter made it clear that some kind of supernatural phenomenon took place. The investigators on the case could not determine the nature and cause of this phenomenon. After a few weeks the investigation was halted and put into the system for unsolved cases.

Second Investigation

After the fall of Veil a new investigation was opened by the local aviation authorities into the case. They realized that the investigators who supported them on the case were withholding information concerning the supernatural nature of this case.   At first the investigator of the Civil Aviation Investigation Task Force did not want to cooperate and reopen this old case. He asked if there was any new information available. There was a few short emails back and forth and neither changing their position on the matter. This was resolved when the higher ups in the task force decided that all cold cases should be reinvestigated and reports be shared with the relevant local or national authorities. After a lengthy process and talking to all the people involved no new insights into the case were found.

Third Investigation

A report published by Mazariin Tuvetovna about the dimensional rift phenomena happing above the Adirondack Mountains lead to the openening of a third investigation in late 2017. This time the final report stated that the cause of the crash was most likely several dimensional rifts that connected to the Thunderbird Mountain Pocket Dimension. A rift must have opened up very close to the plane and cause some damage to several of the systems. This finally brought the relatives of the victims some closure of what had happened to their loved ones. With this the case was officially closed.


With the true cause determined a task force was created to check all past crashes and other reported incidents for mentions of these dimensional rifts. The team was a able to uncover a handful of records of pilots witnessing and reporting weird and suddon weather phenomena that could potentially have been related to the rifts. The investigators concluded that the Cessna 402C was the only aircraft since the beginning of aviationin the Adirondack Mountains that came into direct contact with a dimensional rift and crashed as a result. pilots flying in this region are now always warned about the possibility of a rift forming, but because they are so rare no other actions were taken.
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Cessna 402C
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Author's Notes

The airplane exists and is still in operation. This has no relation to real world events.

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