The Stargazer

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As part of a limited-run of Scarab-class spacecrafts, little information on the Stargazer is available to the public. Whilst the other two Scarab-class Phantom vessels have been decommissioned, the Stargazer is still in active service, which only serves to make it all the more infamous among the Terrans.

//--- Incoming transmission ---//
//--- SSID: CLASSIFIED ---//
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General, wish I could be messaging you with good news. The fault we found on the Scarab-class Phantom, designation the Solar Fox, has also been found on the Scarab-class Phantom, designation the Lantern. It is unknown at this time whether the Scarab ESP Scarab-class Phantom, designation the Stargazer, shares this fault. Our engineers suspect that it may.

I advise that you temporarily decommission the Stargazer and allow our engineers to inspect it. This fault is dangerous, General, and could lead to the loss of thousands of lives if the Violetta Drive does not function as intended. I understand that having the Stargazer out there in the field is a top priority, but we must ensure that the vessel works.

Another caution - our engineers have since been questioned by OF scrutineers on the nature of the other Scarab-class Phantom faults. Do your job, General, and keep those wolves away, or you may find yourself at the unfortunate end of their investigations.


Like the other Scarab-class Phantoms and their predecessors (the Longhorn-class), the Stargazer’s design looks like that of a scarab beetle. In comparisong to the Longhorn-class predecessor crafts, it is considered to be more sleek due to its shorter height, as well as its sheer length from nose to the rear propulsion systems and wings. The exterior of the ship is painted in a mixture of white and grey.

On each of the rear most wings, along the outside edges, the squadron emblem has been painted in a metallic maroon. This emblem resembles a very basic, blocky stag head (frontal view), with a broken left antler.

The interior of the Stargazer is cosy but practical. The hallways are designed to be easily navigated, allowing for quick access between sections such as the dining suite / lounge suite and the bridge.

Dining Suite

Used for meals - both eating and preparation as the suite includes a kitchen. The furniture is very basic, mainly consisting of benches and long tables. There are also single seats for those who prefer not to converse whilst eating. The preparation area has a decently sized kitchen and cold storage area.

Lounge Suite

The lounge suite is located in the lower decks of the Stargazer. In total, there are fifty private rooms, five communal sleeping rooms, three recreational areas, and a personal suite for both the Captain and the Major in charge of the Stargazer’s designated squadron. For every five private rooms, there is an accompanying wash room complete with a toilet, sink, and shower. Each communal sleeping room has two washrooms.


As with all Scarab-class Phantoms, the Stargazer is equipped with the following:

  • Vanguard IV Navigation System
  • A four tiered Breaker Propulsion System
  • Standardised shielding and weaponry systems, in line with Cerberus Fleet and Novus Council regulations
  • Cerberus Life Support Systems
//--- Access Denied ---//

WARNING: This file has been marked as CLASSIFIED by Cerberus Fleet Command. Please log in securely below to access the information.

WARNING: Trying to access this file without the relevant level of security access will result in an immediate reprimrand from your superiors.




The Scarab-class Phantom, designation the Stargazer, has been equipped with specialist external weaponry as part of Project Titan. This includes three frontal Caltirn Lasers, four stealthed, seeking missile launches mounted on the sides, and a full 360 degree long range Holsing Rifle mounted to the bottom of the vessel. The Stargazer has also been modified with the latest stealth technology, including the Prototype Stalker-I cloaking array.

To account for the vessel's special operations, and prolonged stays outside of Terran controlled territories, the Stargazer has also been equipped with Mark-VII medical facilities. These MUST be checked and restocked every time the Stargazer docks.

History of The Stargazer

Built in 6959 UGY, alongside two sister Scarab-class Phantoms, the Stargazer was truly a technical marvel. For the Terrans, it signified their first ever series of stealth based spaceships. Not that most Terrans would be able to boast of that particular fact.

To anyone not a part of the Cerberus Fleet’s command, or an engineer of the Scarab-class Phantom, the Stargazer appears to be just a sleeker, improved version of its Longhorn-class predecessors. To those in the know the Stargazer is so much more than that.

Created as part of Project Titan, the Stargazer is designed with gruelling stealth missions and specialist operations that fall in regions outside of Terran control. It is crewed by Cerberus Fleet personnel, all of whom sign contracts pre-assignment stating that they cannot disclose any information regarding the vessel - including things such as specifications or operations which the vessel has undertaken - without severe punishment.

As of 6965 UGY, the Stargazer has only ever had one Major and one Captain manning the helm. It has also only ever had one squadron assigned to it - Crimson Stag Squadron.

In the six years since it was built the Stargazer has been approved for a number of special operations for the Cerberus Fleet. Most of these operations have occurred in the Ractii Galaxy, where numerous reports of pirate activity have been noted causing Ractii itself to be marked as high risk by multiple intergalactic organisations.


Scarab-class Phantom


In total, the Stargazer is equipped to hold 82 crew members. As per Novus Council regulations, this Scarab-class Phantom must have (when not docked) the following personnel aboard:

  • A Major
  • A Captain
  • Four pilots (fully trained)
  • Six engineers (fully trained)
  • Six medical personnel (fully trained)
The Stargazer Roster

Currently, the Stargazer is managed by Major Lawrence Aarons and his second, Captain Arinobu Kitazawa.

Senior Pilots Erik Larson and Rita Marín alternate shifts on piloting the Stargazer. Both Erik and Rita have a Junior Pilot acting as their second and they are currently overseeing an apprenticeship for a Pilot-in-Training.

Senior Medical Officers Hemlock and Ramsey work directly under Captain Kitazawa and oversee medical emergencies, medicinal supplies and restocking, and mandatory health checks aboard the Stargazer. They both have three Junior Medical Officers and two Emergency Response Officers working under them.

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