Talan Castle

A crumbling ruin in the old quarter of Capstone, capital city of Melesh, Anvil.

Talan Castle was once occupied by royalty of The Kingdom of Melesh, Anvil, back in The Dark Age. The grand structure was a central fortification in the heart of Capstone, the capital of Melesh. It survived many sieges and had already lost it's western tower before it became a crumbling ruin.   The castle fell into disrepair following The Fires of Capstone in the early years of The First Age; as the structure became unsafe to inhabit and too complicated to repair, the ruin soon became a safe haven for the homeless and the lawless. It is now rumoured to be occupied by The Locks and Quays guild but the city guards report little to no activity within its walls.  

Purpose / Function

Constructed in The Dark Age, Talan Castle was designed to protect the city of Capstone during times of war. As conflict subsided, the barracks were renovated into a private chapel and it became the permanent residence of the royal family.


The Locks and Quays guild have made secret renovations to the castle in order to make it habitable. The exterior remains untouched to uphold the crumbling appearance so that no one notices, but the interior structures have been slowly fortified to combat the collapse of the walls. Much of the upper floors of the castle remain uninhabited, but the cellars, dungeons, servants quarters and secret passageways are surprisingly clean and welcoming to those who know it's there.   The guild has made sure to block off all main entrances, making sure to leave a few things accessible for inquisitive gutterborn children to explore without stumbling into their secret hideout. The only ways into the castle now are through the sewers or down the old well in the overgrown courtyard.


Situated on the banks of the river, curtain walls surround this old keep that boasts many strategic views of the region. During its construction, part of the river was diverted into a moat surrounding the castle.
Mornday 22nd Darkfall 67 1A
Founding Date
Thirday 24th Darkfall -113 DA
Parent Location
Settlement | Aug 6, 2021
The Locks and Quays
Organization | Jun 8, 2020

The Locks and Quays are a secretive guild providing a safehaven for anyone who has been labeled a thief or a misfit and has been outcast from their community.

Cover image: by eddie howell on Unsplash


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